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Zero-Waste Bootcamp Series Begins January 20

Nov 30, 2011 02:45PM

Individuals and groups will have the opportunity to participate in a series of two-day Clean Economy Boot Camp workshops in Dallas, presented by a local marketing firm, Adbongo, that are designed aid in manifesting a sustainable economy by bringing in leading sustainability experts from across the nation to teach us all how to do so.

Two boot camps are planned, every other weekend, for 2012, with workshops running. The first, on January 20, features well-known sustainability expert Gary Liss. Gunter Pauli, author of Blue Economy, says, ”Gary teaches garbage is a gold mine in terms of potential resources, but we just have to change the way we wrap our minds around it.”

Each workshop weekend starts with a free 7 p.m. public talk on Friday. The first boot camp will begin with the organization of a zero-waste task force, the goal of which is to educate public and private stakeholders about the economic and job-creating benefits of creating zero-waste communities.

Adbongo President John Bush sums up the focus of the boot camps, saying, “Imagine what changes we will see in the world if we provide purpose-driven small businesses with better high-tier strategy than large, traditional advertising agencies use to sell cheeseburgers to children with clowns and air-conditioned playgrounds? Those agencies have the profit-making capability down. We have this capability, but we add heart.”

Friday night discussion is free. Boot Camp cost is $400 in Dec./$500 in Jan. and participation is strictly limited. For more information, locations and registration contact John Bush at [email protected] or visit and

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