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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


January 2012 Publisher Letter

Jan 03, 2012 05:10PM

How exciting to be here to see the dawn of another “new beginning.” To smell the sweet aroma of hope for a more prosperous business; for a more successful family; for a more compassionate world; and to make a deeper commitment to care for, protect and preserve this environment that nurtures us and gives so much to us.

It’s exciting to set goals for the coming new year; to be creative in determining how you can be your best self. I most especially enjoy setting goals for every area of my life and looking back to see how I did with last years goals. I spent many years in the financial services industry and one of my favorite things to do was to be at work when the rest of the world was out partying or vacationing– planning how my new year would be bigger, better and faster. In addition to enjoying the peaceful solitude of an abandoned workplace, there was also the constructive creativity that just seems to flow so abundantly at the beginning of a new year. In any case, it’s an almost magical time of the year and I hope that you too, will savor, honor and be blessed by it.

The other thing that is most obligatory this time of the year is the temporary obsession with losing weight, often times masked as health and wellness or fitness. Not to be left out, in this months issue, we too address these issues, but in some ways that will hopefully encourage long-term repentant behavioral changes. In our article, “Our worst Fitness Habits,” by Tosca Reno, we give simple, yet potent things to do or not to do to enhance your fitness work, and then we offer a weight loss alternative via Pilates. But whatever your choice of fitness regime, the point is to do something fun, so you will keep at it. Don’t be one of those people like the ones I’m counting on at my gym to drop out after two or three months so the place will be less crowded for the dedicated few.

In our feature article, we see that modern medicine is finally coming full circle. It seems to finally realize that the body and the environment were each made to be self-sustaining and that each is capable of healing itself naturally – and that they both created by God to work together. Kathleen Barnes article, “Alternative Goes Mainstream,” will introduce to some and confirm for others the value and efficacy of some of the many alternative and complimentary healthcare and wellness modalities, all of which are being increasingly integrated into everyday healthcare prescriptions at many major medical treatment facilities.

We hope that in this new year your will continue to be edified, blessed and pleased with our efforts to educate and inform and to be the catalyst for your transformation to your best life. Until next month, when we delve into our special feature, Healthy mind, remember that healthy living is green and green living is healthy.


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