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NUCCA Technique Eliminates Neck-Popping Chiropractic

The National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) has devised a unique form of spinal health that utilizes a specific procedure to correct misalignment of the upper neck known as the Atlas Subluxation Complex. This type of gentle approach, with no cracking or popping, unlike more traditional forms of chiropractic, restores optimal balance to the entire spinal column. Although NUCCA correction is performed on the neck, it affects the balance of the entire body.

It is only through unrestricted flow of brain and nerve signals that the body can generate coordinated function, which is the foundation of health. The proper nerve flow is an immediate nervous system response, once spinal alignment is achieved.

NUCCA corrections alleviate the cause of many conditions in addition to headaches, neck and back pain, rather than merely treating the symptoms and suppressing the immune system. The Journal of Hypertension reported that patients under NUCCA care had average decreased blood pressure by the equivalence of two blood pressure pills.

Because of the precise correction based on mathematical analysis, patients are more often able to hold their corrections for longer periods of time compared to traditional methods. Holding an alignment is key to allowing proper nerve flow and healing.

NUCCA is a specialized field within chiropractic, with only a few specialists in the country qualified to perform this procedure. The Upper Cervical Research Foundation (UCR) was formed in 1971 and NUCCA was formed in 1966 to conduct educational seminars on the topic.

NUCCA techniques are practiced locally by Dr. Cecilia Yu, at Synergy Balance, 12740 Hillcrest Rd, St. 138, Dallas. Contact her at 972-387-4700 or For more information, visit

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