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Nurturing Our “Green Inside”

Mar 30, 2012 01:33PM ● By Katie Pruett

Dr. Fabrizio Mancini

Anticipating the next miracle diet program or medical breakthrough that will eliminate health problems, illness and pain seems to be an ongoing process, but does a solution already exist within us? One nationally renowned local doctor wants to help us discover the "green inside.” Dr. Fabrizio Mancini, president of Parker University, internationally acclaimed speaker and author of four books was recently featured on Dr. Phil and The Doctors.

Mancini's latest book, The Power of Self-Healing: Unlock Your Natural Healing Potential in 21 Days, available in both English and Spanish, cultivates an understanding of our bodies and steps to take toward treating and maintaining a well body, as supported by scientific research. "I want to create awareness; a paradigm shift to maximize their health potential," says Mancini says. "Traditional medicine assumes the body is sick, whereas natural healing strives to take care of a well body.”

His dream of serving humanity is as prevalent in his life today as it was 20 years ago. Beginning his lifelong dream as a pre-med student, Mancini's decision to change paths came after Dr. Manci Parker Universityan unfortunate auto accident that lead him to an orthopedist that suggested he try a chiropractor, unveiling a world he didn't know existed—a world of natural healing. Impressed with his chiropractor, Mancini became very interested in chiropractic work. After conducting 62 interviews in six months, his heart was set on becoming a doctor of chiropractic and he began studying at Parker University.

Today, he works to inspire his students, readers and patients through his message of treating the body naturally. "I recognize that we need to take responsibility for our health," he confesses. To do so, he says we must unlock our natural healing potential and acknowledge the three components of overall wellness: spiritual, mental and physical. Mancini shares an example, explaining the reason most diet programs are not effective is because they are only attempting to treat the physical, without addressing the other facets.

His concept of "green inside” refers to a natural system within our bodies that has the built-in potential to heal. Therefore, improving our system's ability to heal and discovering what the body is capable of is within our control. Mancini's book explains not only how to improve health, but to save money, as well. His recent research shows that 50 percent of people that file for bankruptcy do so because of the expensive, health-related treatments.

Unlock Your Healing Potential in 21 Days"There will never truly be healthcare reform until there is self-care reform," Mancini often repeats. His mission to motivate healthy, productive citizens in society is ongoing and is also embedded in Parker University's mission to provide students with the tools necessary to carry out a wellness-based profession centered on service.

As Mancini continues to provide education and support for natural healing via public speaking, writing and philanthropy, he suggests that we strive to find and preserve the "green inside.” He says, “Everything the body needs is already there, we just need to access it, and we need to learn how to preserve it."

For more information about Dr. Mancini and Parker University, visit

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