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Savings for Homeowners, Freedom for Pets

Mar 30, 2012 03:25PM ● By Katie Pruett

The days of waking in the middle of the night or rushing home during your lunch break to let your pet out have officially come to an end, because Lone Star Dog Doors offers a solution that's both convenient and energy efficient. The Dallas-based business specializes in the installation of pet doors that allow pets to come and go as they please.

Not only can pet doors provide peace of mind for animal lovers, they can save energy and money. Made in the USA and professionally installed by owner Bill Palmer, a certified preferred dealer of Hale pet doors, Lone Star Dog Doors' pet-friendly entryways boast safe, sturdy construction and tightly sealed flaps to eliminate the cracks that make utility bills soar. Keep the cash in your pocket by eliminating the energy waste of opening a large door for your pet day after day, when a door a fraction of the size will do. "If you calculate the energy savings over the lifespan of the pet door, the door will easily pay for itself," Palmer explains.

Available in several different colors, models and sizes, the Hale-manufactured pet doors can be installed in regular doors, windows and walls. Each door also comes with a five-year warranty and the flaps have an average lifespan of six years. According to Bill Palmer, it's easy to see why pet doors are great for our best friends and us. "A pet door allows for pet freedom and homeowner freedom—and who doesn't want to save energy?"

Hale Pet Door is the proud sponsor of the Pet Rescue Rewards Program, which benefits animal rescue organizations across the country.

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