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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


July 2012 Publisher Letter

Jul 06, 2012 11:42AM

In considering this month’s theme of Simple Summer Pleasures, I have been reflecting on the many wonderful summers I’ve spent in places as diverse as my former home on Miami’s Biscayne Bay, my grandparents’ farm near Austin and my current hometown of North Dallas. The common thread that runs through them all, as weathermen proclaim, is, “Stay out of the heat!”

I’ve always loved morning and evening walks, when the sun is less intense and nature comes alive. My favorite memories include hanging out near water. It might be on the beach by the Atlantic Ocean, anchored off Grand Pappy Point, in Lake Texoma, moseying along the St. John’s River in a small boat, or tubing the Gruene River through San Marcos. I look forward to meeting up with you this summer as we cool off in Joe Pool Lake, Lake Texoma and Hurricane Harbor.

Summer brings food favorites, too, like sweet seasonal fruits, iced teas and lemonade and my daily dose of frozen yogurt (current haunts include Yogurtland and Yogurt Zone). Chef Renée Loux’s simply mouth-watering “Outdoor Entertaining” recipes are perfect for backyard gatherings of family and friends, as well as more exotic picnic adventures.

Reading these pages brings extra delight this month as we see and recall all the different ways we can ritualistically amp up our summer pleasure-meter with special fun factors. Natural Awakenings publishers from around the country join in sharing ways they are inspired to reconnect with their child-heart that will surely spark your own variations on the theme. What a magical time summer is for everyone; how we adore moving at a bit slower pace while making memories that last a lifetime.

Get started on your enjoyment of simple summer pleasures by checking out what’s happening in our News Briefs and Calendar pages. You’ll find goodies like Dale Chihuly’s fantastical outdoor art glass exhibit at the Dallas Arboretum, regenerating yoga retreats and a Fair Park Fourth of July concert, complete with fireworks. However you celebrate the Fourth of July—parades, cookouts, light displays, boat races, fishing, swimming, camping or reading in a tree-shaded hammock or beach chair under a colorful umbrella—allow yourself many moments to relax and simply enjoy life.

In other words, do what made you happiest as a child and still brings you joy; it will contribute to a good life and your best health. Wouldn’t it be great if we could maintain a summer state of mine all year long?


Bernice Butler, Publisher

P.S. How wonderful that green living is healthy and healthy living is green.

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