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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


New Energy-Efficient Lanes to be Implemented This Year

Dec 31, 2012 03:51PM

The first managed toll lanes and HOV (high occupancy vehicle) express lanes for North Texas have been approved by the North Texas Regional Planning Council (RTC) and will begin opening in the Dallas-Fort Worth region starting in December. Tolled managed lanes are permanent facilities being built on LBJ Express, North Tarrant Express, DFW Connector and Interstate 30.


The RTC wants to minimize driver confusion, especially at locations where existing express/HOV lanes intersect with new tolled managed lanes. Here are some highlights of the transition.


Carpools of two or more occupants using express/HOV lanes today will still be able to use those lanes without paying a toll. Carpools of two or more occupants will receive a 50 percent discount in the tolled managed lanes during the peak period, with use of a TollTag and preregistration as a carpool during an initial introduction pilot period. Carpool requirements will move to three or more occupants on tolled managed lanes following the initial introduction pilot period, during which data on occupancy will be reported quarterly to the RTC. Single-occupant vehicles will be able to pay a toll to use some express/HOV lanes beginning in about a year. Single-occupant vehicles will be able to pay a toll to use tolled managed lanes.


Toll payment and occupancy will be enforced manually with technology support. Over time, more advanced technology verification equipment will be phased in.


For more information, call Dan Lamers at 817-5-9263 or visit


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