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Bambooee Reusable Towels Eliminate Waste

Mar 05, 2013 08:24PM

Bambooee perforated towels provide a certified organic, reusable alternative to conventional paper towels. Made of Earth-friendly, biodegradable, organic bamboo, they hang on a standard paper towel dispenser. Unlike trees, the world’s fastest-growing plant, bamboo, requires no fertilizers, pesticides or insecticides. It is harvested using sustainable and green practices that allow the bamboo to continue to grow.

Bambooee can be machine washed and reused 25 times or more; so one roll replaces 60 rolls of the average paper towel. That reduces waste, as well as the carbon footprint humans leave behind. The product is stronger, more durable and more absorbent than traditional paper towels.

Bambooee, available at retailers nationawide and online at, debuted at this year's Expo West in March and won the Best of the West Award.

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