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When Your Life Demands the Samba but Your Body Is Doing the Waltz

Apr 03, 2013 09:31PM ● By Donna Eden and Sarah Owen

We all know the difference between feeling vibrantly alive and happy and feeling physically or emotionally stuck or drained. It is like the difference between dancing through life with exuberace and joy or finding it difficult to think of doing anything but sit on the couch in front of the TV. Many of our bodies are out of rhythm with our lifestyles, and the result is a body filled with stress hormones that over time break down our systems. Energy medicine provides us with the techniques and understanding that can help our body regain health and evolve to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

In response, Donna Eden developed the Five Minute Daily Energy Routine, a simple, yet powerful set of exercises that to keeps each of the body’s nine major energy systems vital, flowing and in sync to support optimal health and healing. The Five Minute Energy Routine consists of seven exercises, each designed with a specific purpose in mind—from stimulating vitality and the immune system to strengthening the body’s electromagnetic field, or aura.

The Three Thumps—Activating these triggers a release of energy in the body, increases overall vitality and boosts metabolism and immune function. Vigorously tap or rub the hollows under the clavicle bones at the base of the neck. These points are on the kidney meridian. Tap between the ribs on the sides of the ribcage at the base of the breasts or bra line. Rub the hollows one rib up from the base of the ribcage directly below the center of the breasts on the front of the body.

The Cross Crawl—Keeps energy flowing and allows for optimal healing, helps with mental clarity and coordination. Simultaneously swing one arm and the opposite leg across the body. Repeat for 12 sets.

The Zip Up—Strengthens our energetic protection. Trace up the front of the body from the pubic bone to the bottom lip, like zipping a giant zipper, and only great energies can come in.

Donna Eden, healer, speaker and award-winning author, will be speaking in the DFW Metroplex May 15, 2013. 

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