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Dr. Jennifer Trejo’s God-Given Calling of Healing

Talk to Dr. Jennifer Trejo about her natural health career, and her enthusiasm, passion and upbeat attitude leave nothing to doubt that she has found her life’s calling. Or rather that her life’s calling, with a little nudge from God, has found her. In fact, she left a career in international human resources to pursue a career in natural health.

The nudge came after her father died from a heart attack. “He was only 59,” she says. “He took reasonable care of himself, he seemed to be in good health—he should not have died that young.”

Looking to improve her own health, Trejo concluded that traditional medicine wasn’t the answer. The conventional response to an infected appendix, for example, was surgery. She felt the kind of diet, lifestyle or genetic disposition that brought the patient to that point was important to know and correct before the need for surgery.

So Trejo obtained a doctorate in naturopathy, a form of alternative medicine based on the existence of a vital force that guides bodily processes such as metabolism, reproduction, growth and adaptation. It favors a holistic approach with non-invasive help and encourages minimal use of surgery and drugs.

“Naturopathy uses the techniques and protocols of many other alternative sciences—homeopathy, nutrition, exercise management—so I’m able to cast my net wide when helping a client, rather than focusing narrowly on options,” says Trejo.

A client coming to the Abundant Life Wellness Center (ALWC), founded by Trejo, can expect to have blood work done, and then to return for a 90-minute first visit. Furthermore, where conventional medicine accepts diagnostics that are “in the normal range,” Trejo is interested in every measurement in relation to every other aspect of the client, including where he lives or the kind of work she does.

“I see clients whose wheels are about to come off the bus—liver problems, pre-stroke, pre-diabetic—that are not being treated because their diagnostics are considered within range,” says Trejo. “On the other hand, some patients might be years away from a significant medical problem, but early detection allows them to be healthy and active longer—to age gracefully.”

In this latter category is breast thermography, a specialty practice at ALWC. It is able to detect issues within the breast as long as eight years before an anatomical test like mammogram, MRI or ultrasound will detect it. This is because thermography looks at the physiology of the breast for things like abnormal blood flow that could indicate an issue.

Trejo says God rewards her work by allowing her to see clients return to health. This passion drives her continual research and study, including specialized training under one of the leading experts in non-pharmaceutical applications to chronic illnesses, autoimmune disorders and complex neurological disorders.

Trejo continuing her studies in functional medicine, a practice that assesses the underlying causes of complex, chronic disease. It considers environment, mind-body elements, genetics and more, and applies such strategies as nutrition, diet and exercise as both comprehensive treatment and prevention. It is, she assures, her calling.

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