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A Matter of Destiny

Jun 06, 2013 03:16PM ● By Katie Pruett

"Homeopathy is not just about relieving symptoms, it is about healing the whole person." So says Alex Bekker, M.D., a practitioner of homeopathy who believes that it was destiny that led him where he is—helping to educate and heal people with a 200-year-old form of medical science.

At the impressionable age of 21, Dr. Bekker met a friend that introduced him to the practice of homeopathy. He quickly became a teacher and in fact, was his own first patient, personally partaking in treatments and remedies to experience firsthand what they would do. "I had some minor problems since I was a child, and those problems went away and I began to feel better," Bekker explains. This personal experience started him on a new path, as he decided he would pursue the practice as a career. Soon thereafter, he completed medical school, something he claims wouldn't have even been physically possible if not for his own improved health by way of homeopathy. "I just had so much more energy and felt better than I had," he shares.

Years later, Bekker settled here in Dallas, where he's since been working with and healing people through holistic treatments, staying true to his commitment to help people by equipping them with the proper tools to lead healthier lifestyles. "It's important to treat each person as an individual—that is what homeopathy is all about," he says. Through homeopathy, nutritional counseling and osteopathic medicine, Bekker treats everything from asthma and allergies to depression and seizures.

Dr. Bekker will hold an open house from noon to 5 p.m., July 13, at 4933 Creighton Dr., in Dallas. To learn more, visit

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