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Equine Therapy Straight from the Horse’s Mouth

Sep 03, 2013 05:45PM ● By Jessi Sally

Many people experience an event early in life that causes traumatic distress and response, and a pattern is created and repeated many times throughout their lifetime to resolve the issue. The process sometimes leaves the person vibrating at an emotional set point which attracts a negative response. Allison Ingels, MA, an equine healing arts facilitator, feels that through a connection with horses and nature, it is possible to gain awareness of unresolved emotional patterns and have the opportunity to bring healing to those areas of your life.

How did you choose this career?

My life’s path as an equine healing arts facilitator has been a journey of returning home to my authentic self. Horses have been a passion for me as long as I can remember. There is a deep spiritual connection to a larger creative presence when I am with horses. My healing journey took me to the University of Santa Monica, where I received a Master of Arts [degree] in Spiritual Psychology while completing a certification as an equine facilitated learning coach.

I was given insight into emotional harmonics and how they create resonance in relationships. The commitment behind my work is that everyone has the freedom to experience the joy of giving and receiving love in a healthy way, the power to deeply love and accept themselves and to experience inner peace. Heaven comes to Earth for me when I am fulfilling on this commitment.

What creates resonance in relationships?

My program, Resonance: The Harmonics of Relationships, Equine Healing Arts, incorporates three basic tenets: 1) Outer experience is a reflection of inner reality. 2) Like attracts like. 3) Blocked energy attracts a release.

For example, if a woman is abused, she may experience blocked energy in the area of her throat. This blocked energy will attract a similarly felt experience into her life so that the scream can be released. Unfortunately, people who have been in these types of situations may re-experience abusive relationships many times before discovering a way to break free from the pattern of abuse.

What is required to attract loving relationships?

Most efforts at love fail until one has developed the potential to love themself and others. When love emanates from within oneself, another person who has the same indwelling source of love within him or herself harmonizes with that vibrational frequency and there is a balanced connection that forms a sturdy foundation for a relationship to be built upon.

When this inner self-love is not present, there is a grasping to place a buffer between oneself and others to compensate for the lack of a loving relationship with oneself. Using an external source as compensation for a missing inner source of self-love creates a counterfeit sense of “wholeness”. When the external source is removed, there is a missing piece, leaving the person struggling to regain balance.

Is it possible to create a sense of self-love when it does not exist?

Yes. In this work, we intend to free you to bring peace to the issues that create the imbalance, so you can attract loving relationships. A simple, integrated process of learning to love oneself and trust in the divine provides a pathway to inner harmony. Beyond the eye of the needle; there lies a peace that surpasses understanding and in the stillness, joy unfolds.

How do horses assist humans in the area of relationships?

Horses are very authentic, sensitive beings. There is a deep emotional and spiritual connection to a larger creative presence when one is centered in their authentic self. Through “being with” exercises with horses, one has the opportunity to explore their innermost self through interacting with the many qualities, colors and dimensions available in nature and the horses.

Contact Ingels at 214-957-3374 or [email protected].

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