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Research Company Conducts Clinical Trials for Cures

Research Across America (RAA), founded in 1992 by Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass, is a 15-site national research institution that performed more than 1,800 clinical research trials in multiple areas of inquiry. In addition to the DFW research site, RAA sites are located in Carrollton, Plano, El Paso and Houston.

To find out if new medications are as affective as formulated, scientific clinical trials must be conducted on humans. Studies are supervised by board-certified physician investigators and research coordinators, and the emphasis is on patient responses.

As an independent company, the methods and results have a high degree of objectivity. Working with many major pharmaceutical and research companies, RAA has participated in research areas that include allergy/asthma, cardiology, cosmeceuticals, dermatology, ear, nose and throat, endocrinology/obesity, pain management, pediatrics, pulmonology and rheumatology.

For more information about eligibility for these studies, visit

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