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Hot Tubs Provide Valuable Hydrotherapy

Oct 18, 2013 01:21AM

Throughout history, cultures have used hot water as a form of therapy. From the mineral baths of Greece in 4 B.C. to the Japanese Ryokan inns of the eighth century, warm water was seen as a medium for cleansing the body and spirit. During the mid-1940s, hot water therapy became a growing trend in America—culminating with the invention of the hot tub.

Hot tubs can aid in relief of arthritis, bromyalgea, diabetes, sports injuries, back, hip or knee problems and stress relief and relaxation. There are tax deductions available for purchase of a hot tub for relief or health conditions

During the early 20th century, homes along the West Coast of the United States began to sport wooden baths adopted from the Japanese Ofuro; which are: steep, narrow washing basins. They were originally created from barrels, tanks and olive vats; items that were abundant in the wineries of California. These homemade “hot tubs” inspired the appearance of the modern-day hot tub. In the 1950s, companies began to incorporate hydrotherapy pumps into the tub design; however, hot tubs were a niche product, sold only to hospitals and schools.

In the 1970s, the realm of hot tub materials saw adaptation and evolution and construction transitioned to fiberglass. Eventually, the fiberglass was replaced by cast acrylic shells for hygienic purposes. For the first time in centuries, a warm bath could be cleaned and disinfected effectively.

Manufacturing innovations have bought changes to the design, with the goal of a safer and more sanitary product. Filters, jets and control systems were introduced and heating and filtration systems improved in order to regulate the water conditions continuously. Hot tub use became a communal activity and manufacturers developed models to accommodate groups of individuals.

After looking at the other hot tubs available 25 years ago, engineers  at Softub created a cost-effective, durable and comfortable model that incorporated the best features possible. “I will always remember our ominous first national trade show,” states Tom Thornbury, owner and founder of Softub. “In January 1987, I went to the Atlantic City NSPI show with the only soft-sided hot tub in existence at that time. I was greeted by the blizzard of the century, which delayed the show and greatly limited attendance. Nevertheless, the product attracted attention and provided the incentive to invest  time and capital in the concept. The uniqueness of the  product soon generated its reputation as a pioneer in a niche market, and five years later, in 1992, Softub gained a high position on the INC 500 list of the fastest-growing companies and stayed there for a record three years, thus democratizing and making available the fun, therapeutic and eco-advantage properties of the hot tub for everyone, in a portable, therepeutic and energy-efficient product.

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