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Equine Healing - The Harmonics of Relationships

Dec 09, 2013 04:50PM

“Horses are powerful teachers because they are sensitive to our energy, emotions and conscious and subconscious beliefs, as well as the actions and intentions behind them,” advises Allison Ingels, an equine healing arts facilitator and owner of Horse Medicine for the Soul, in McKinney, Texas.

One of the equine-inspired life coaching programs Ingels offers is Resonance: The Harmonics of Relationships. “This program can give people that are single, living alone and have given up on relationships access to valuable interactive feedback,” explains Ingels. “They learn the sacredness of a trusting relationship and recognize the possibility of success in a committed partnership.” She plans to roll out the program across the U.S. next year.

As co-facilitators, animals play a vital role in such learning, says Ingels.  Specifically, her therapy horses—Luca, Brandy and Gracie—help participants understand the language of emotions; recognize resonance in relationships; identify the emotional harmonics they are broadcasting; clear patterns that may be holding them back from attracting loving relationships; and learn to distinguish and apply boundaries. No previous experience with horses is needed.

For more information, call Allison Ingels at 214-957-3374, email [email protected] and subscribe to her free newsletter at

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