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February 2014 Publisher Letter

Feb 03, 2014 10:16PM

As I reflect upon this month’s focus on heart health, I am reminded of how the heart is not only a determining hub of physical health, but also of our emotional, spiritual and mental health. I often refer to the owner’s manual published by our Creator, which tells us in chapter 15 of the Gospel of Matthew, how the heart in its largest sense is the engine of our being. So “where the heart is”frames and colors the essence of who we are; our words and actions also emanate from our center.

I love how the iconic symbol of love, including Valentine’s Day, is a big red heart. A vibrant, healthy heart reflects its good physical condition nourished by vibrant relationships with our true self and other good people, which is what our Creator intends for us. Who wants to succumb to unhealthy physical and emotional states of being and a resultant unhealthy heart?

The good news is that like the Earth, our body is designed from inception to be self-sustaining and self-healing. Like other engines, it will perform well and last a long time if we take care of it. 

We trust that the insights ourcontributorsshare in this month’s issue will cause us all to pause andreflect on the physical and emotional health of our heart, as well as the lifetime relationship we each have with ourself. Expertsexplain how we can equip ourselves to better handle stress, lose fat and enjoy more vital relationships with ourselves and others, so that we can keep our heartsand lives happily and efficiently humming along.

Linda Sechrist’s feature article, “Rethinking Heart Health,” specifically explores the pioneering mental/emotional component of cardiac health to good effect. I know I learned a lot in this follow-up to our popular “Rethinking Cancer” article published last August. I also particularly appreciate Debra Melani’s timelytalk with Katherine Woodward Thomas on drawing love our way in February’s Wise Words interview; it offers a succinct primer for anyone seeking to improve close relationships.

Thank you for joining usin this adventure of informed and enlightened reading. We hope it all leaves you with feelings of delight and hope. Please consider our advertisers when selecting goods and services to help you live an ever-improvingquality of life. We also humbly ask that you support us by casting a vote for Natural Awakenings Dallas for this year’s Sustainable Leadership Award at Thank you for sharing the journey.

Blessings all around,

Bernice Butler Natural Awakenings Dallas

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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