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Women and Sustainable Investing

May 07, 2014 01:33AM ● By Mary Anne Mayer Redmond

Mary Anne Mayer Redmond

Wellness and wholeness are very closely related, for without wholeness, true, vibrant, wellness cannot exist. Wholeness might be understood as the basis of all creation from which creation itself arises. Whether from a scientific or a spiritual perspective, it is challenging to dispute the existence of a highly intelligent basis, a wholeness, to all that is.

Nature grows and thrives in the wholeness of the ecosystem. When the harmony and integrity of the whole is violated, side effects occur. In other words, harm can ensue. With less than wholeness, less than ease, disease is experienced.

Where can we separate wholeness, wellness and ourinner spirit or soul? How is it possible that somewhere along the way, humankind began making choices devoid of soulful self-referral? At the risk of over-generalizing, it would seem that the trend has accelerated during the last two centuries.

Perhaps women are closer to wholeness and wellness, than men, because they are closer to the feminine principle of life; the receptive, the soft and the harmonizing. The feminine values natural resources.

With regard to sustainable investing, “sustainable” generally refers to the kinds of filters and proactive criteria that are used to determine which companies become part of our investment portfolio.

Dallas Investment AdvisorCompanies may be filtered out that, for example, derive a significant revenue from the manufacture of weapons or alcohol or tobacco products. Some companies could be favored for inclusion if they have demonstrated strong policies with regard to three principal criteria: environmental (i.e., use of clean energy and waste reduction), social (workplace, product, and community practices) and governance (executive compensation, shareowner rights and other factors).

The process of sound investing certainly involves using measurements attentive to performance. Will the company be profitable, and therefore of benefit to the investor? “Sustainable Investing” simply adds more to the screening process. It’s still about aiming to maximize the investor’s investment dollars.

Women are discerning consumers in many areas of life, so it’s really quite natural to extend that discernment into the realm of investing. Women can make a difference in whether wholeness and wellness are given due consideration in the business/corporate world. They can be soulful investors and help everyone’s wellness.

Mary Anne Mayer Redmond, CFP, RFC, is an independent advisor specializing in sustainable/socially responsible vision and investments. Contact her at 561-472-2000 or

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