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Non-Invasive Thermography Reveals Internal Body Functions

Nov 02, 2014 01:24AM

Genie Fields, DC

Dr. Genie Fields, DC, who operates the Thermography Center of Dallas, advises that the best time to have an infrared regulation thermometry (IRT) screening done is before the body produces any symptoms, because the non-invasive, radiation-free technology can reveal disease signatures in the nervous system and immune system years before acute symptoms arise. “Many people use it as an annual wellness check,” she says. “It’s complementary to other testing ordered by their health practitioner.”  

Based on German technology IRT uses a highly sensitive wand to measure surface temperature from underlying organs and glands and looks at the autonomic nervous system’s response to a temperature challenge. Each organ and gland controls the capillary blood leading to the skin surface near it, and Fields states that in going over IRT results, she looks for normal cooling, excessive cooling, warming and no change on the skin’s surface, along with specific signature patterns. From that information, she can pinpoint potential problems.  

The 30-minute procedure involves taking readings at 120 points on the head, torso and breasts, briefly exposing the body to cool temperatures of around 68 degrees and taking another reading for comparison. “By taking measurements over all internal organs and glands, including the teeth and the breast, we receive information about the functioning health of the nervous system and blood flow of individual organs,” says Fields.  

Because the body’s natural tendency is to protect the brain and internal organs, measuring the skin’s surface temperature following a cool-down can reveal their internal functioning. While the body shunts blood to the head and the core to protect the brain and organs, blood to the skin is typically sacrificed, leaving it cooler in places. According to natural medicine consultant Jackie Bell of (, the body is like a greenhouse with a wood stove in it:   

“Like a greenhouse on cold days, we must retain the heat and on warm days emit it. One way we do this is through the capillaries, which are like the windows in the greenhouse. In a warm moment the blood carries our heat to the skin surface via tiny capillaries (for example, the flushed face). In a cold moment, the body constricts the capillaries (yes, with goose bumps) to shunt the blood and heat to our core. The ebb and flow of the blood to the skin surface helps keep our core temperature within a certain range,” she says. 

Each organ and gland controls the capillary blood leading to the skin surface near it.    

Many of Fields’ clients are those that have chronic conditions, but have not been able to get a definitive diagnosis through traditional screenings. She says, “All of their blood work is coming back normal and traditional medicine has not found the root cause. An IRT screening is very good at finding some underlying causes.” The tests can also reveal organs and glands struggling with toxicity, inflammation and blockage.  

While some clinics offer IRT for their patients only, the Thermography Center of Dallas is the only one of its kind in North Texas open to all. Fields notes that they welcome referrals and relay results to doctors. Because it is a no-risk procedure, she recommends it for the whole family, including children. “IRT is one of the best ways to discover patterns of dysfunction early enough to possibly prevent more invasive forms of treatment,” says Fields. “That is why IRT is so insightful and empowering.”


Thermography Center of Dallas is located at 5220 Spring Valley, St. 405, Dallas. For more information, call 214-352-8758 or visit See ad on page 20.

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