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Breeze Energy Offers Fresh Take on Electric Plans

Dec 05, 2014 01:17AM ● By Julie Thibodeaux

John Spicer

There’s a new energy company in town that aims to be the greenest in the state. Breeze Energy was launched by Texans John Spicer and Walter Hornaday in 2012. The two friends wanted to create a business that was dedicated to using one of Texas’ most abundant renewable resources—wind.

According to Spicer, a mechanical engineer with an MBA from Texas A&M, who has been in the energy industry since he graduated 30 years ago, Texas has enough wind power to meet  current electricity needs 18 times over. However, most big energy companies negate the environmental benefits of their wind energy farms with acquisitions of coal and nuclear power plants.“There is no other true green electric company sitting out there right now,” says Spicer. “Some other ‘green’ companies are subsidiaries of companies that own coal plants.”

That’s why he and Hornaday have committed to providing 100 percent wind. That means that when Texans are shopping for an electric company, Breeze Energy offers a clear choice for those concerned about the environment.

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the benefits of wind energy are manifold. It’s clean, anddoesn’t require burning fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas. It’s domestic, and the nation’s wind supply is abundant. It’s sustainable, because wind can be thought of as a form of solar energy; air movement is caused by the heating of the atmosphere by the sun, the rotation of the Earth and its surface irregularities. It’s cost effective, beingone of the lowest-priced renewable energy technologies available today, and it’s easily adaptable, as wind turbines can be built on existing farms and ranches in rural areas.

So, if a homeowner chooses a wind energy plan, does that mean they have to put a wind turbine on their house? The answer is no, because in Texas, residents are able choose a retail electric provider that acts as an agent between energy producers, transmission and distribution companies that own the wires, and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas [ERCOT], which manages the flow of power to 23 million Texas customers.“We’re gathering the wind energy supply on your behalf,” says Spicer. “Wholesale generators put energy into the system that is collected from turbines at wind farms.”

The electric company works behind the scenes within a network designed to keep electricity flowing to the customer consistently and reliably.“A retail electric provider provides electricity and brings together all the services needed to deliver electricity to your house,” says Spicer. “There are many different entities involved. We manage all of that for you.”

Spicer notes that nowadays, wind can be competitively priced with other forms of energy, so there’s no reason not to taken advantage of this most environmentally friendly choice. As its name suggests, Breeze Energy wants to make the process a breeze for customers to use. “We’re the people you talk to, we’re the people you correspond with and we’re the only power company that is solely devoted to the provision of wind energy in North Texas and Southeast Texas. As a company, we take pride in having a friendly, environmentally and socially conscious personality.”

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Breeze Energy: Uplifting Humanity with Community Partnerships

Breeze Energy Company wants to be a true partner in the community, using a holistic approach. Not feeling it is enough to just provide a clean renewable energy source, they want to do more to make this planet a better/healthier place. Wind energy makes for a healthier planet, giving back to support cancer research, education and our community and makes for a better life on this planet. Here a few examples of this spirit in action.

• Make a Wish North Texas—Breeze gives $50 to MAW for each new customer that enrolls with a special code

• Wipe Out Kids Cancer—Breeze gives $50 to WOKC for each new customer that enrolls with a special code

•  Do it for Durrett—Breeze gives $50 to the Richard Durrett Family Fund for each new customer that enrolls with a special code

• Richard Durrett Family Foundation charity auction—donated their one-of-a-kind uber green limited edition Breeze Beach Cruiser, designed by Villy Customs

• Hockaday Jets—Junior Engineering Club

• EarthDay Texas Education Sponsor—grants given to three area schools for wind energy experiment/presentation at EarthDay

• Arboretum/Tour des Fleur—sponsor

• Area HighSchool Music—donations/support

• Cattle Barons—donated to auction

• Make A Wish—donating a bike to Wish Night in Spring 2015

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