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Comic Books Teach Kids Healthy Lessons

Eric Meredith, a trained chef, registered dietitian and certified youth exercise specialist, has created Health Heroes, a new series of comic books and a social network dedicated to helping children find victory through lifelong good health, character development and overall wellness.

The project has brought comic book and healthcare professionals from across the nation together to produce The Balance, their first release. Young readers can also head over to the Health Heroes social network; a unique place for exploring health interests, creating social content and sharing experiences with their peers.

“We discovered that comics have a huge influence on hard-to-reach populations such as children, making them the perfect medium to provide health promotion and positive role models through engaging stories that touch the minds and hearts of children,” explains Meredith.

“Obesity is a fatal epidemic in our society, driving life expectancies for today’s younger generation lower than anyone thought possible;” he says. “It’s vital that we educate youth now so they become healthy adults and pass what they know onto the next generation.”

For more information, call Meredith at 312-296 -7974, email [email protected] or visit

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