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The Salt Cave of Southlake is Revitalizing Residents

The Salt Cave of Southlake

200 N Kimball Ave., Southlake, TX
817-965-7258 •

The Salt Cave of Southlake was holistically inspired to revamp core strength, balance, vitality, and well-being using salt therapy. Himalayan rock salt is renowned in Eastern European folklore for purifying and ionizing the air and absorbing excess moisture. Breathing easier after spending a few days at the beach gives a god example of the relief salt air can provide.

Therapeutic salt is highly purified and concentrated, and symptoms frequently improve after only one session.In clinical tests, salt therapy has proven effective at relieving symptoms of a variety of respiratory and skin ailments. A recent paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that long-term salt treatment had a positive impact on lung function, reduced pulmonary exacerbation and did not have any negative side effects.

Halo Yoga is a combination of yoga and salt therapy, designed to nurture the beginner or challenge the most demanding of yoga aficionados to enhance the yoga benefits to either. While practicing yoga in The Salt Cave of Southlake, the breath deepens and allows the salt to penetrate even deeper into the lungs.

Location: 200 N Kimball Ave, Southlake, TX. For more information call 817-965-7258 or visit

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