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DAL Free Car Care Clinics in April

Mar 02, 2015 05:48PM

April is National Car Care Month, and many automotive repair facilities in North Texas are hosting free Car Care Clinics to help drivers understand the basics of vehicle care and maintenance. Properly maintained vehicles are more reliable, save money and help improve air quality in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) has partnered with repair facilities throughout the region to sponsor these events, and DFW motorists are invited to attend.

Safety is one benefit of keeping up with their vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule because properly maintained cars are less likely to break down and leave drivers stranded. Fewer breakdowns also mean fewer repairs.Increased fuel economy is another major benefit. Properly inflated tires and clean air filters lead to more miles per gallon and cleaner air.

Most counties in the Dallas-Fort Worth region have elevated levels of polluting ozone and do not meet national ambient air quality standards. Well-maintained vehicles have all of their emissions control systems functioning properly. High ozone levels can have negative health effects, especially for people with asthma or respiratory problems, young people,older people and adults that are active outdoors.

The growing list of free Car Care Clinics is online at Attendees will receive a complimentary vehicle emergency kit while supplies last. For more information, call 817-704-5605 or email [email protected].

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