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Maintaining Healthy Changes for Life

Mar 02, 2015 05:48PM

ACN Herbs
Leslie Duong
Licensed herbalist and health nutritionist

5917 Greenville Ave., Dallas
214-887-8325 •

Leslie Duong has been a practicing herbalist for more than 20 years and is a licensed Chinese herbalist and health nutritionist. She has helped thousands of clients with a variety of ailments, including acne, allergy, asthma, bronchitis, bladder infection, high blood pressure, Candida, cyst, cholesterol, cold and flu, diabetes, depression, detoxification, lack of energy, fertility, fibroid, gallbladder problems, kidney stones, herpes, hepatitis, hemorrhoids, insomnia, impotency, menopause, migraine, sinus issues , prostate, thyroid, yeast, natural weight loss and lupus.

Wellness services offered include: Full line of high-quality Chinese herbs and supplements; all organic, natural herbs, with no caffeine; one-on-one consultations; nutrition and exercise recommendations.

Areas of specialty: During the appointment, Duong uses the Chinese philosophy of observing, questioning, listening and examination. She also gives each new client a free analysis about the five elements of the body and recommends herbs and blends to help acne, arthritis, allergies, autism, bipolar, depression, energy, yeast infection, hair loss, prostate, kidney and bladder infection.

Philosophy of healing: Her goal is to give the client a fresh look and more confidence as they move forward in their life and help them make committed, long-term changes in eating habits and nutritional intake. She notes that the only nutrition plan that works is one that we can continue to maintain for the rest of our life.

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