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Thermography Center of Dallas Provides Comprehensive Detection

Mar 02, 2015 05:47PM

For 15 years, the Thermography Center of Dallas has performed thousands of regulation thermography (RT) screenings on patients from 5 to 90 years old. RT is a very complete analysis of the body, especially for breast health that should be a part of a sound health plan for men, women and children.

RT offers a non-invasive approach to detect and monitor health and dysfunction using a temperature response evaluation that involves scanning the skin, breasts and teeth with an incredibly sensitive handheld tool used by a trained thermographer. It can be used to reveal where a dysfunction lies and where disease may be obscured. RT reports on all the internal organs, glands, lymph system, breasts and teeth in detail. It can be used to reveal where a dysfunction lies and where disease influences may be located. Because it evaluates the function of organs and systems, it can show the real-time development and progression of disease, unlike X-rays or MRIs.

Unlike with mammography, there is no pain, compression or radiation of the breasts. Also, some other thermographic methods only provide a generalized, colorful image that only looks at the chest. RT provides a multi-page, highly detailed, analytical report on the whole body, including the breasts.

Location: 5220 Spring Valley Rd, Suite 405, Dallas, TX. For more information call 214-352-8758 or visit

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