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Thermography Receives Official Endorsements

Oct 03, 2015 08:19AM

The computer regulated thermography system specifically available as CRT-2000 has now been upgraded to the AlfaSight 9000 system uses new infrared technology and is the most accurate and detailed system in medical thermography. Compared to the older CRT-2000, the new infrared device decreases the amount of time from one hour to 30 minutes for a full body thermographic scan and allows for more accurate temperature measurements.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration completed a review of the new AlfaSight 9000 system earlier this year and has cleared it to help with diagnosis of abnormalities of the female breast such as fibrocystic disease, mastopathy and inflammation and increased lymphatic load; peripheral vascular disease such as arteriosclerosis; musculoskeletal disorders such as arthritis and fibromyalgia; extracranial cerebral and facial vascular diseases that increase the risk of stroke and aneurysm of the thyroid gland; and neoplastic and inflammatory conditions such as cancer.

The AlfaSight 9000 System is designed for practitioners for use in hospitals and private clinics. Consumers interested in disease prevention may learn more about this technology from their holistic practitioner or integrative medical practitioner about using it in their health maintenance regimen. The Thermography Center of Dallas provides training and support for practitioners interested in using thermography with the new AlfaSight 9000 system for their patients.

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