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The Healing Power of Sound Vibration

Nov 01, 2015 10:43AM

Sound vibration has the ability to change physical substances. This is visually evident when we look at images of sound vibration moving water or sand particles into intricate geometric shapes produced by different tones. It is also felt when our mood is changed by music tempo by means of the vibrational resonance of a music selection.

We can direct the power of sound to positively affect our bodies, minds, and emotions by focusing it through energy centers of the body known as acupuncture points and chakras, which creates a sympathetic, positive resonance with the sound. Each musical interval creates its own action, such as opening/release, build/lift, relax/sedate, nurture/complete, etc. The combination of using musical sound intervals in conjunction with Oriental healing practices to move and balance energy in the body and its energetic fields is called Acutonics. Special tuning forks are calibrated to natural, universal tones are applied to these points and around the body.

Another aspect of sound healing is Facial Soundscapes, which uses the Acutonics tuning forks on acupuncture and muscle trigger points located on the face, neck and scalp to lift years of accumulated stagnation off the face, just like sound vibrations can move water and sand particles, in what can be a dramatic beauty improvement session. The body and cells are 80 percent water, and sound travels 400 times faster in water than other media. That makes human bodies and faces respond positively and quickly to sound vibration.

Sound VibrationsThe face is a reflection of life experiences, so by addressing facial syndromes including turkey wattles, jowls, crow’s feet, turned-down mouth and wrinkles with non-invasive sound vibration, we are able to release years of tension, trauma and stress in the water-filled cells of the face and neck. With Facial Soundscapes, the sound therapy is combined with layers of Chinese herbal formulations, five element essential oils, an herbal masque and jade stone rollers.

In addition, body acupuncture points are used during Facial Soundscape to address whole body health. This is a natural, non-invasive path to beauty. The facial soundscape not only yield permanent improvement in appearance, but over time, also result in improved emotional and physical health.

Dallas/Fort Worth Acutonics is located at 721 Tradonna Lane, in Hurst, TX. For more information, call Mary Burke-Kelly at 817-918-3939 or visit

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