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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


A Bike Ride to Help Bees and Monarchs Survive

The inaugural Great Seed Bomb 15-mile fun ride, benefiting bees, monarch and other pollinators, will kick off on November 14 in Fort Worth. During the ride, seed balls made of clay, organic compost and native, non-GMO milkweed and wildflower seed will be thrown and launched by bike riders. This is an ancient throw-and-grow method of no-till agriculture popularized by Japanese natural farmer Masanobu Fukuoka. A portion of the money raised from tickets, sponsorships, vendors and contributions will be donated to local environmental nonprofits and organizations to keep the work going.

According to the National Geographic Society, bees are still battling for their lives and their colonies are weaker than ever. The latest data indicates an average loss of 45 percent of hives across all U.S. in the last few years. We had 6 million beehives in 1947, now we have 2.5 million, while there are 177.28 million more people in the country.

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