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Dentistry and Thermography Can Be BFFs

Feb 05, 2016 04:18PM ● By Rebeca Gracia

Biological dentists utilize a variety of specialized tests to evaluate dental health. Many implement a more holistic approach, using dental evaluations that include thermography, oral potential meter and electro-dermal screening. Thermography is a non-invasive technique that uses zero radiation to identify potential areas in the gums and teeth that might hold a hidden key once examined more deeply.

Biological dentists are able to use thermography to see hidden imbalances that are not revealed by other evaluations. Many people choose to have a thermogram done after having their silver amalgam fillings removed to uncover those more subtle causes of their health problems.

The image below is a section from a yearly thermography report showing significant dental involvement. This patient had no dental or gum complaints. This scan shows several “toxic” teeth and several teeth with a regional focus, with one tooth (number 30) actually displaying both toxicity and regional focus patterns. The large red arrow is pointing to the upper-left quadrant to show the warmer area. This reveals the potential problem of a subtle underlying infection that is subclinical, meaning that other methods of evaluation such as X-ray will not be able to detect it. Thermography is a insightful tool when used as part of routine dental assessments.

After the initial screening with thermography, a biological dentist can evaluate individual teeth with a radiation-free oral potential meter that measures the electro-gradient difference between individual teeth and helps identify metal deposits and cavities. Even composite (white) fillings can contain heavy metals and other toxic chemicals, and the oral potential meter can help identify them there. In addition, electro-dermal screening (EDS) can assess the meridian line that passes through each tooth to show in more detail how an issue originating in a certain tooth can be linked to symptoms in other area of the body. EDS can also be a valuable tool to determine which filling materials are compatible with each body. It is another powerful and radiation-free device.

Identification Chart

The dental portion of a thermographic report provides a partial meridian tooth chart specific to the patient. Many thermography reports have uncovered a dental issue as the root cause of symptoms. Thermography reveals the relationship between affected teeth and other areas of the body with a meridian chart. In the hands of an experienced practitioner, a meridian tooth chart can help shed light on the source of imbalance in the body and streamline appropriate treatment choices.

Dr. Rebeca Gracia is the center director for Thermography Center of Dallas, located in Addison and Rockwall. For more information, visit

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