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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Biological Dentistry Round-Up

Traditional dentistry has served us well for more than 100 years, but a new era has dawned, with safer, non-toxic materials and a realization that the mouth can be literally an oracle of wisdom regarding our overall health. These practitioners lead the DWF area as innovators in cutting-edge practices that can save our teeth and perhaps our life, as well.

Robyn AbramczykRobyn Abramczyk

Smile Ranch Dentistry
6700 Horizon Rd, Heath

Smile Ranch Dentistry believes that treating the individual goes far beyond cleaning teeth. Robyn Abramczyk, DDS, practices general dentistry with a focus on holistic therapies, following safety procedures and treatments of the Holistic Dental Association and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine. Materials used are biocompatible, safe, non-toxic and mercury-free. Patients experience a spa-like dental experience that begins with calming spa music, essential oil diffusers and massage, complemented by a warm, understanding staff that safely and effectively guides them to their whitest, most beautiful smile.


Masoud Attar, DDSMasoud Attar, DDS

Pride Dental
1106 W. Randol Mill Rd., Ste. 100, Arlington

Pride Dental takes a holistic approach that acknowledges the connection between the mouth and the body as a whole. By combining traditional training with alternative treatment approaches, Masoud Attar, DDS, and his staff look beyond the symptoms to the root cause of the issue to reach an optimal, lasting solution. All procedures are mercury-free, mercury-safe and fluoride-free, utilizing instead safe, biocompatible porcelain, ceramic and composite materials. Pride Dental believes that dental care should improve, not endanger one’s health, quality of life and happiness.


Stacy V. Cole, DDSStacy V. Cole, DDS

Clear Fork Dental
4812 Bryant Irvin Ct, Fort Worth

One can not fully understand oral health without first understanding the whole body. A dissection in Thomas Myer’s Anatomy Trains illustrates the continuity from the toes to the diaphragm to the tongue via the connective tissue. Every tooth is on an acupuncture meridian. Sustenance comes through the mouth and nose, thereafter nurturing the entire body. The oral cavity affects and is affected by every other part of the body and is an integral part of one’s journey toward optimal health.


Toni Engram, DDSToni Engram, DDS

Legacy Dentistry
151 Walton Way, Midlothian

Spiritual, emotional and physical health play a key role in one’s oral health and vice-versa. Legacy Dentistry treats the cause of dental problems, not just the symptoms. Stress, poor diet, underlying health problems, genetics and unhealthy habits can affect the one’s oral hygiene. Everything we do for our patients is in the context of their overall health. The goal of Toni Engram, DDS, is to help find and correct these problems, leading to a healthier mouth long-term.


Leslie A. NasonLeslie A. Nason, DDS

Family, Pediatric, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry
1720 Rufe Snow, Keller

As a practice, Leslie A. Nason, DDS, and her team are believers that preventive care and education are the keys to a clean, healthy smile. They consistently work to preserve, restore and enhance the beauty of patients’ teeth with conservative, state-of-the-art procedures, while strictly adhering to the sterilization standards of the American Dental Association. A comprehensive understanding of patients’ health via thorough examinations and a review of their medical history allows them to stay informed and provide them with the specialized care they deserve to maintain optimal oral health.


Philip Kozlow, DDSPhilip Kozlow, DDS

General and Biological Dentistry
5050 Quorum Dr., Ste. 340, Dallas

Healthy teeth and gums are a major factor in our general well-being. Many systemic diseases are affected by what is in the mouth. The materials placed in the oral cavity must be biocompatible and safe for a dental patient. The replacement of fillings must also be done in a safe and controlled manner. Each patient must be treated on a case-by-case basis, because everyone is individual. These statements are the cornerstone of the practice.


Daniel Strader, DDSDaniel Strader, DDS

Dallas Designer Smiles
8222 Douglas Ave., Ste. 810, Dallas

Chronic illness may indeed be “all in your head.” It's All In Your Head, by Dr. Hal Huggins, revealed dental procedures that can cause chronic disease. Personally mentored by Huggins since 1986, Daniel Strader, DDS, has accepted responsibility for his patients' total health through putting an end to root canals and fluoride, and utilizing metal-free crowns and dentures, BPA-free fillings and safe removal of mercury/silver fillings as certified by the International Academy of Oriental Medicine and Toxicology and International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.


Preetha Thomas, DDSPreetha Thomas, DDS

Enclave Dental
500 W. Southlake Blvd., Ste. 130, Southlake

“What I do for my family, I do for my patients,” is Dr. Preetha Thomas’ philosophy. She takes great care to use products and restorations which are metal-free and biocompatible. Enclave Dental takes every measure to ensure their patients and staff are kept safe from toxic air and materials. The spa-like office, paired with complimentary lavender towels, beverages and back massagers, is mercury-free, mercury safe and fluoride-free. The goal for every patient is to achieve whole body health, rather than just treating symptoms as they appear.

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