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The Healthy Smile Lifestyle

Feb 05, 2016 04:17PM ● By Gina Marie Cronin

Robyn Abramczyk, DDS

Robyn Abramczyk, DDS, is a general dentist who utilizes a biological, or integrative approach in her practice at Smile Ranch Dentistry, in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. While implementing her comprehensive knowledge gained in allopathic dental school, she also educates her patients about holistic approaches to optimal oral health and is accredited through the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, a member of the Holistic Dental Association as well as of the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

Smile Ranch Dentistry takes every measure to ensure their patients are educated and at feel at ease. Abramczyk and her dental team invests time each visit to discuss issues, diagnosis, treatment options, diet and supplementation. "Ninety-nine percent of Americans are deficient in minerals,” notes Abramczyk, which can contribute to demineralization of the teeth. By looking at the whole being, a higher standard of dental health can be attained.

Tension melts away in the spa-like ambiance, replete with geranium, lavender and rosewood essential oil diffusers, lavender infused towelettes, an organic fruit and vegetable juicer or kefir and a massage therapist for patients that are feeling anxious. There is also a library of educational videos available for viewing.

Smile Ranch Dentistry serves patients of all ages and can do everything from general checkups to fillings using biocompatible materials and porcelain crowns and bridges. Patients can brush with fluoride-free mineral toothpaste, try coconut oil pulling or activated charcoal; all of which help safely and effectively clean the mouth. Due to distressing memories of the dentist’s office from her childhood, Abramczyk has created a calming atmosphere that patients can enjoy.

“Many different products and restorative materials that are used in a patient's mouth can be potentially toxic or lack biocompatibility,” Abramcyzk explains, “We offer a biocompatibility test to determine what materials can be tolerated. This is especially important for those with an autoimmune disease or weak immune system.”

Biological procedures are completed with materials that are safe, effective and suitable for 99 percent of patients. At mainstream offices, crowns often contain nickel and lead, while fillings may contain mercury; all three of which are known carcinogens, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In fact, Abramczyk recalls, “Fifty percent of dentists still place and remove amalgam fillings without any safety protocol, which exposes the patient, staff and doctor to toxins that exceed the EPA safety standards of the safe level of mercury inhalation by 3000 times and OSHA, 80 times.” Abramcyzk is known for her safe removal of amalgam fillings using protocols of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology and the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine.

Another frequent procedure is a dental frenectomy for lip-tied or tongue-tied babies, in order to relieve tethered tissues, and Abramcyzk is a member of the International Affiliation of Tongue-Tie Professionals. This common issue, if untreated, can cause difficulty breastfeeding and dental, digestive, speech, and most important, airway and /or breathing problems. Laser dentistry is also available, and all hygienists on staff are laser certified. Dr. Abramcyzk recommends homeopathic remedies, when appropriate, and encourages her patients to be involved in preventative measures and natural healing processes, but will prescribe antibiotics as needed.

Abramczyk is inspired by the research of Weston Price and the Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation; particularly the studies on tribal civilizations that eat a wholesome and pure diet straight from the earth. Despite the populations not flossing, brushing, or using fluoride (a known neurotoxin), optimal dental hygiene is maintained by an organic, chemical-free lifestyle. She believes that the studies illustrate the importance of clean dietary choices in regard to dental health.

Abramcyzk loves working with her patients, which she describes as educated, aware and full of vitality. She says, ”Look at the big picture and not only focus on your teeth, but your health as a whole.”

For appointments, call 972-772-7645 or visit

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