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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


2016 Healthy Living Business Guide

Meditation and Yoga are Spirituaity, Not Religion

Ananda Dallas Meditation & YogaAnanda Dallas Meditation & Yoga Center

4901 Keller Springs Rd., Ste. 103
Addison, TX

Expand your sense of harmony and peace, and gain an increased sense of God’s loving presence in your life through ancient techniques including meditation, hatha yoga, community and divine friendship. Our non-sectarian teachings embrace the truths that underlie all great religions. Learn to Meditate classes teach a simple, yet powerful meditation technique to help access inner peace and awaken the joy that is a part of your true nature.

Free group meditation is held at 7:30 p.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, to experience the power and upliftment of group meditation with like-minded friends. Hatha Yoga classes are held at 6:30 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays, with gentle, yet dynamic, ananda yoga, which is suitable for all levels.

Sunday includes Meditation at 9 a.m. and Sunday Service at 10 a.m. Children’s yoga and meditation is also held Sunday at 10 a.m.


Serving Only Pure Wind Power From Texas

Breeze Energy LogoBreeze Energy


Most wind power companies are owned by big energy corporations that have holdings in coal and natural gas, but Breeze Energy is owned by Walter Hornaday and John Spicer, who are committed to providing 100 percent clean, green Texas wind energy at an affordable price.

When he was studying for his degree in engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, Hornaday told his professor that he wanted to write his master’s thesis on wind power. He was promptly told to quit working on “sugary, tree-hugging ideas” and get serious about his career.

A background in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Texas A&M led Spicer to an origination and business development position at a major traditional energy corporation. Purchasing wind energy for the company made him realize there must be a better way.

Breeze Energy has a strong and growing green education program, supporting and serving on boards of nonprofits such as Ground Works, providing scholarships and grants to Texas students and enrichment programs to their schools. Breeze is the only power company that provides solely wind-generated energy.


Dallas Rapid Transit Makes Further Inroads


Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a trusted guide, helping residents and visitors discover all that North Texas has to offer. An extensive network of DART light rail, a Trinity Railway Express commuter rail, bus routes and paratransit services moves more than 220,000 passengers per day.

The DART Rail System provides fast, convenient service to work and healthcare, as well as shopping and entertainment destinations in Dallas, Carrollton, Farmers Branch, Garland, Irving, Plano, Richardson and Rowlett. Plus, the TRE commuter rail line links DART customers to Irving and downtown Fort Worth.

DART operates local and express bus routes serving Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Richardson, Rowlett, Plano and University Park.

Whether traveling by rail, bus or both, DART’s free GoPass app, available from the App Store or the Google Play store, provides a great travel tool that is literally at your fingertips.


An Education That Gets you Hired

Dallas County Community CollegeDallas County Community College District


Founded in 1965, Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD ) is celebrating its 50th anniversary of providing higher education that gets students hired. They offer more than 100 two-year technical degrees, workforce training for job-specific skills and college-readiness courses for those that have been away from school for a while or never graduated from high school. Grants, scholarships and financial aid are available.

DCCCD has seven individually accredited colleges: Brookhaven, Cedar Valley, Eastfield, El Centro, Mountain View, North Lake and Richland , as well as a virtual campus, Dallas Colleges Online; five community education campuses;and additional administrative locations. The system, one of the largest in Texas and the United States, serves approximately 72,000 credit and 25,000 continuing education students during the fall and spring semesters. Dr. Joe May serves as chancellor. 


Sound Will Find a Way

Mary Burke-KellyDallas/Fort Worth Acutonics

Mary Burke-Kelly

[email protected]

Mary Burke-Kelly teaches certified Acutonics classes for professionals and the public. Professionals can learn to integrate their healing modality with vibrational sound healing and the public can learn how to address common ailments for self and family members.  

She is the only certified Acutonics practitioner and instructor in the state of Texas and also a Facial Soundscapes practitioner and Esoteric Acutonics practitioner, studying with co-founder Donna Carey in New Mexico.

Her services include Acutonics treatment sessions, Facial Soundscapes and Esoteric Acutonics.  Acutonics treatments are individualized sessions with tuning forks on acupuncture points to address your current or long term physical, emotional, mental or spiritual concerns. They can address emotional or psycho-spiritual causes for mysterious illness or pain.  

Facial Soundscapes is a constitutional facial using layers of oriental herbs and tuning forks on facial acupuncture points to address beauty and underlying causes for facial syndromes

Esoteric acutonics is a session using tuning forks on acupuncture points in a specific pattern and sequence to form sacred geometry on the body and in the energy fields.


Earth Kind Services Enables Organic Lawns and Gardens

Beau Popes Earth Kind ServicesEarth Kind Services


Earth Kind Services, in Denton, Texas, wants to bring homeowners an organic solution for struggling landscapes. Top dressing with organic compost adds microbes to the soil, which release nutrients to the lawn and shrubs and are essential to plant vitality. The soil is usually of poor quality in North Texas, where builders have removed the topsoil or compacted it during construction. Adding organic matter is the best thing to do for depleted, compacted soils, bringing the soil back to life.

“I wanted to start a local service business that would bring a great organic alternative for landscapes,” explains owner Beau Popes. “I have over 25 years in landscape management, and for years I owned and operated a lawn fertilizing and shrub/tree care company.” Earth Kind uses a specialized spreader that allows for topdressing lawns more effectively than just by wheelbarrow and rake.

Beau notes, “Many people want to feel good about what they put on their lawns that their kids and pets play on. Anyone that wants to have a more drought-tolerant, pest- and disease-resistant lawn would enjoy our service. It’s a great value, since we deliver, spread and clean up, too.” Earth Kind Services also delivers and installs mulch. their newest service is providing lawn leveling with a soil/compost mix. Healthy soil grows healthy plants.


Get a Pure Night’s Sleep


2707 E. Southlake Blvd., St. 110
Southlake, TX
[email protected]

Naturepedic provides organic mattresses without chemicals, flame retardants and other toxins in order to ensure a comfortable, safe sleep. There is a growing concern among the general public about the amount of toxins we breathe in that are being released from the mattress during the six to nine hours we spends on it each night, and how much of these toxins potentially enters the bloodstream.

Now there’s a healthy choice that takes the harmful chemicals out of a mattress and replaces them with pure organic materials such as cotton and wool. Naturepedic’s main concern is people’s health, support, longevity and waking up refreshed day after day.

Naturepedic’s organic mattresses are hand made in the U.S. by Amish craftsman. Their certified organic ingredients are not only comfortable, they don't absorb heat or moisture like traditional mattresses made with synthetic materials. Visit the Naturepedic Organic Mattress Gallery in Southlake to experience the comfort.


Nature Blooms Eternal at North Haven Gardens

North Haven GardensNorth Haven Gardens

7700 Northaven Rd., Dallas
[email protected]

Services offered: North Haven Gardens is a destination garden center and art gallery in Dallas,  Founded in 1951, they remain family owned. Gardeners wishing to maintain their plants organically will find a variety of products, from pest solutions to fertilizers and even chicken-keeping supplies. Horticulture staff members are available seven days a week for those with questions on cultivation.

Area of specialty: garden education, quality plant selections and nature-inspired artwork. They program a variety of classes and events around edible and landscape gardening throughout the year.

Philosophy: General Manager Cody Hoya says, “We're committed to your gardening success! Gardening provides us with a connection to other living things.”


Healing by Replacing Old Cells with New Cells

Senergy Medical GroupSenergy Medical Group

9901 Valley Ranch Pkwy. E., Ste. 1009, Irving, TX.

Senergy Medical Group is the exclusive distributor of the Tennant Biomodulator and other alternative, integrative medical solutions developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, who holds more than 13 patents for medical devices.

Senergy’s goal is to help customers and colleagues achieve improved health and well-being with innovative technology, accessories and education. Senergy is not a medical office and refers all medical matters to the Tennant Institute for Integrative Medicine.

Tennant was one of the first surgeons in U.S. to place intraocular lenses in eyes after cataract surgery and was a pioneer in LASIK surgery other laser research. Senergy’s products are based on the principle that the body doesn’t get well by making damaged cells work correctly, but rather by making new cells.


Sample the Rich Variety of the Metroplex

Taste of DallasTaste of Dallas, LLC

Veruchka Blair, vice president of marketing

Fair Park
[email protected]

Taste of Dallas has hosted more than four millions visitors over 30 years at the annual food, art, music and family fair that showcases Texas tradition and all that the Dallas Metroplex has to offer. Three days of music, art, and culinary celebration will be served up in Fair Park June 3, 4 and 5 at this multi-sensory experiential event, complete with hundreds of local and national tastes, regional and street art, a variety of music and plenty of fun for the kids.


Check the Whole Body, Not Only Breasts

Thermography Center of Dallas

5220 Spring Valley Rd., Ste. 405, Dallas.

Wellness services offered: For 15 years, the Thermography Center of Dallas has performed thousands of non-invasive thermography screenings on patients, which comprise a complete analysis of the body, especially for breast health.

Areas of specialty: Regulation thermography (RT) is unique in that it detects dysfunction using a temperature response and provides a multi-page, highly detailed, analytical report on the whole body, including the breasts. Because it evaluates the function of organs and systems, it can show the real-time development and progression of disease, unlike X-ray or MRI. Used by a trained thermographer, RT can reveal where disease may be obscured and reports on all the internal organs, glands, lymph system, breasts and teeth in detail.

Philosophy of healing: Unlike with mammography, there is no pain, compression or radiation of the breasts.


Your Soul is Welcome Here

Unity on GreenvilleUnity on Greenville

3425 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX. 

At Unity on Greenville we honor all spiritual paths.  We follow the teachings of Jesus as well as other spiritual masters.  We study the Bible from a metaphysical understanding nd practice spiritual laws that are at work in our universe. Our children’s program is based on the Bible, Unity Principles in an environment that allows our youth to learn how to apply them to their daily lives.  

Unity was founded in 1889 by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore as a healing ministry based on the power of prayer and the power of our thoughts that create our reality.

Our Celebration Service begins each Sunday at 11:00. There  are also opportunities for continued spiritual growth through classes and small groups that meet daily.


A Path to Personal and Spiritual Wellness

Warr on Wellness CoachingWarr On Wellness, LLC

Dr. Darrell Hartley and Angela Warr Hartley    

972-674-WELL (9355)    
[email protected] and [email protected]

Warr On Wellness, LLC, is a coaching, counseling, consulting, events and products wellness company. they help preteens, teens, young adults, stay-at-home moms, baby boomers and seniors live a healthy and wealthy life-style. They provide the best organic and natural-based products and services to help clients restore their health and build vitality.

Warr On Wellness believes that clinical, personal and spiritual wellness is certainly of a personal nature that clearly involve beliefs and values that provide significant purpose in the lives who seek immediate relief from the throes of addiction, chaos, dysfunction, mayhem and toxicity.

The path to wellness may involve affirmations, applications, confirmations, counseling, coaching, consulting, meditation, prayer or validations that serve as a direct connection to an individual’s specific belief system. One’s faith, principles, morals and the object willingness to gain insight most certainly define their spirituality. Exhibiting compassion, love, forgiveness and joy will assist them in enjoying splendid health and wellness.

They sponsor a Living Well Series and training programs that aspire to live authentic and healthy lifestyles and help clients reach optimum success with coaching, counseling, consulting, events and products.

Warr On Wellness says, “We serve the whole person; your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment, and life purpose. We work with highly motivated individuals to develop their own definition of success.”

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