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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Letter from Publisher

I love the way April ushers in spring’s rebirth with a month-long Earth Day party. Indifference is not an option when we encounter announcements, films, expos, special programs and projects, celebrations and other reminders of the vital importance of wisely stewarding the health of our God-given home, Planet Earth, every day. Participating in the mounting attention to the cause intoxicates me with excited hope. Our local community’s heartfelt support of Natural Awakenings’ national mission of educating and inspiring everyone to become a transformational catalyst for green, healthy, sustainable living continues to gain traction and our collective performance is encouraging.

From coast-to-coast, America’s whole sustainability movement is progressing rapidly. People are no long willing to accept the degradation of our environment and health for the benefit or convenience of corporations without conscience. With widespread availability of key information, we no longer can be kept in the dark about harmful products, processes and conditions. Every day, ordinary people are doing big and small things to save people and the planet from the effects of the industrial poisoning of much of our land, air, water and food over the past half-century.

In this month’s Everyday Sustainability issue, we explore some acts of environmental kindness that we all can take to help. More than the large awe-invoking improvements, it’s the small, consistent, daily things we all do that will prove to be the pivot point to local and global solutions. If we aren’t yet prepared to completely overhaul our life choices, change to a green job, move to a smaller, energy-efficient house or create a zero-impact lifestyle, we can at least commit to one improvement today, and then add one more and then another… it all will make a significant positive difference that blesses all.

You’ll find a wealth of doable ideas for next steps in these pages. You’ll hear thinking North Texans Eric Nadel, Trammel Crow, Jr., Marla Baccalandro, Kristi Commuzi and Garrett Boone illustrate what’s possible in our local feature, “Personal Shades of Green."

It feels good to see how my own small steps in living more sustainably are adding up as well.  While by no means am I a rock star of sustainability yet, and that’s okay; we’re all working at it. It’s rewarding to know that each small choice we make to help and be of service contributes to a greater whole

This issue also highlights some of the steps our professional sports franchises are taking to minimize their impact on the environment. As always, we hope you will be inspired by our offerings and visit some of the Earth Day events taking place in our community this month. Please come see us at the Groundwork Village, Powered by Breeze Energy, at the Earthday Texas Expo in Fair Park on April 23—we love to meet you and hear your ideas.


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Bernice Butler, Publisher

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