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Addressing Emotional and Physical Roots of Facial Beauty

May 02, 2016 03:22PM ● By Mary Burke-Kelly

Real beauty comes from within, but we do notice exponential aging in the face of someone that has been under terrible stress or illness. In Chinese face reading, the facial landscape is a roadmap to the individual’s life experiences, because the events and emotions they produce are “frozen” onto the jing (qi or energy) in the face. Facial Soundscapes is a way to address the physical and emotional roots of our facial beauty, such as sagging jowls/necks, wrinkles, dry skin, dark circles, inflammation or puffiness while receiving a relaxing facial. It is a constitutional health and beauty modality that uses non-invasive sound vibrations on facial and body acupuncture points, along with layers of Chinese herbs and essential oils. Tuning forks resonating with sounds of the natural universe glide over essential oil on facial acupuncture/trigger points and body points, attaining whatever hertz frequency is required to alleviate the roots of the beauty syndrome.

Facial BeautyFor example, we can activate meridians on the body and points on the face that help firm muscle prolapse that creates sagging neck and jowls. Prolapses can be more prevalent in those that worry or over think things, so body points are added to address that tendency. Dry skin is helped by focusing on points with a sound that brings yin and water back to an aging body/skin. Diminished yin after menopause is a big cause of dry, thinning skin. Facial location of lines and wrinkles reveal their true source to be addressed. Droopy mouth lines can originate from disappointment, depression and digestive issues. Vertical lines between the brow can denote past relationship stress with men or authority figures, and frequent, highly-focused mental concentration.

Each facial beauty syndrome has sound intervals and points that work to help clear and minimize the life effects. Practitioners attempt to release the original root of the facial syndrome, and this can leave a noticeable improvement on the first visit. A series of sessions can have more lasting effects, not only in appearance, but in how the client feels and behaves.

Mary Burke-Kelly, in Hurst, is a Facial Soundscapes practitioner in Texas, She is a certified Acutonics instructor and Acutonics practitioner. For more information call 817-918-3939 or visit

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