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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Letter from Publisher: Woman Power

All my life, I’ve been taught by my mother, an unabashed early feminist, and others that women are the heartbeat of our society and culture. While preparing this Women’s Wellness issue, I kept returning to the continued prevalence of issues related to the gender inequality that still dominates our nation. Beyond the practical steps called for to solve this situation, I’m most deeply concerned about what such persistent disparity says about our ethical and moral values. The status of female well-being affects everyone; both in the harmony of our home and the health of our community.

The good news is that our creator made woman an inherently resilient being, indispensable, powerful and naturally inclined to nurture, provide, inspire, protect, love, spread joy and innovate. I believe that women are finally getting the message that we must keep our own pump primed in order that our life-giving water may unfailingly flow forth. I love the idea of practicing principles of renewal by taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally; all four areas must be addressed if we are to consistently realize our God-given potential. I’m convinced that as we collectively lean in to these effective habits, barriers, ceilings and root causes of our society’s gender inequality issues will come tumbling down. In these pages we give a nod to maintaining the quality of all four.  

You may think because I publish a healthy living magazine that my self-care, eating, exercise and overall healthy living habits are spot on, but everyone is a work in progress.  For example, I’m highly appreciative of my personal and professional family, and do my utmost to keep everything running smoothly. I have learned to accept that 1) I cannot do everything, and so must do the important things first to prevent them from being left undone at the end of the day, and 2) Hiccups happen, and they are a call to work around them or let them go, rather than stress. For me, these lessons comprise a giant leap forward in self-care.

Our Natural Awakenings May issue celebrates womanhood with articles from local health practitioners and national authors well-versed in natural ways to enhance health and vitality. Aligned with the magazines’ mission, Lisa Marshall offers perhaps surprising ways to further enhance our days in her feature article, “Spark up Your Love Life: Natural Ways to Boost Libido.”

Other articles speak to finding solutions to balance hormones, revive a sluggish thyroid, achieve inner balance with yoga, reboot eating habits and explore complementary and alternative therapies to address debilitating health problems and identify potential issues. We even offer a special section on local organic and natural spas that we hope will encourage you to pamper yourself all the way to a fresh feeling of renewal.

Please pick up extra copies of this issue to share with important women in your life. Mothers, sisters and wives will all benefit from the tips, products and services geared towards keeping them happy, healthy and vibrant.


Bernice Signature

Bernice Butler, Publisher

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