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Home Infrared Saunas at Nebraska Furniture Mart

Sunlighten, a global wellness company and leader in the infrared sauna space for nearly 20 years, has partnered with Nebraska Furniture Mart (NFM), the largest home furnishing store in North America. The Dallas store opened last May and is the test site for introduction of Sunlighten’s in-home wellness products.

Sunlighten creates innovative, wellness products that empower clients to improve their lifestyle. The company’s infrared saunas: are now being sold in Dallas’ Nebraska Furniture Mart.  The mPulse 3-in-1, Signature Far-Infrared, Community Far-Infrared and the Solo System Portable Infrared offer a range of health benefits, including detoxification and pain relief, and are clinically shown to reduce blood pressure and aid in waist reduction.  The company has a patented Solocarbon heater, which emits the highest amount of near-, mid- and far-infrared on the market. They sell from $1,899 to $9,999.

Sunlighten’s smart technology allows clients to customize their wellness experience. Using a touchscreen tablet, they can select from one of six preset health programs or create their own. They can also watch their heart rate and calories burned in real-time, listen to music, and watch Netflix. The mPulse 3-in-1 also features cloud access, so clients can heat up their sauna from anywhere at any time.

Location: 5600 Nebraska Furniture Mart Dr., The Colony. For more information, visit



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