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Yoga Can Help with Lyme Disease

Yoga for Lyme disease is a way of increasing healing speed by reducing oxidative stress on the body. Lyme disease is a parasitic bacterial infection caused by a tick or any vector bug, either gestationally or through blood transfusions. It is very common to get several coinfections once infected with Lyme, which acts as an immunosuppressant and activates any viruses like Epstein-Barr or retroviruses. It is the fastest-growing vector-borne illness in 43 states.

Pranayama, or breath control, techniques deliver oxygen to the fatigued cells of the body, helping them recover faster and avoid apoptosis, or cell death, thus making yoga an oxidative therapy for healing. Deep diaphragmatic breathing while moving through poses is seen as a complete wellness routine for the body, mind and spirit. Our personal outlook on healing is of the utmost importance, and yoga teaches us to tap into the divine inside our breath and quiet the mind to meditate. We know we do not have the power to overcome insurmountable challenges in life, but God does.

One breathing technique to raise the immune system is called ujjayi pranayama. Place one hand on the chest and one on the stomach, then completely fill the lungs while slightly contracting the throat and breathe through the nose. Work up to longer breaths to gain better lung capacity and strengthen the muscles around the lungs.

Yoga shows us what is, and teaches us to be content; to go with the flow and just be. It helps increase cardio efficiency, warm the core, lengthen the spine and stretch tight, sore muscles, helping to rid the body of chronic pain. Yoga can increase flexibility and mobility when joints are flaring or stiff by sending lubrication to them as we move using this breathing technique.

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Kristina Bauer is the Owner of Yoga Synergy and the Communications Expert for GOTCHA, Global Oversight for Transparency against Corruption in Healthcare Alliance.






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