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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Infiniti Cell Therapy Regenerates the Body

by Sheila Julson

Doctor of chiropractic Darcy Brunk has devoted his career to equipping and empowering people to live a healthier and happier life. Known affectionately as Doc Darcy, he knows firsthand how regenerative wellness and stem cell therapy can transform lives because it transformed his. In 2013, his automobile was rear-ended at 70 miles per hour on I-405, in southern California, and he experienced herniated discs in his back and neck.

As a healthcare professional for more than two decades, Brunk knew to try all natural and proven alternative types of healing before invasive surgery. He tried chiropractic, physical therapy, electrical medicine, cold laser therapy, nutrition and others, but was still in pain and had limited mobility. His doctors and surgeons told him his injuries were a “retirement-level event”, jeopardizing his ability to function as a chiropractor.

Then he learned about Infiniti Cell Therapy, a unique regenerative wellness modality derived from umbilical cord cells. Brunk decided to try it and within two months, noticed relief from numbness and tingling, felt stronger and his headaches were completely gone.

At that point, Brunk knew he could now help others through regenerative wellness. In 2014, he launched Achieve Vitality Regenerative Wellness and partnered with an experienced medical team to make Infiniti Cell Therapy available to everyone that wants it.

Brunk believes, “The power that created you is the power that heals you. Healing and regeneration are already encoded in your DNA, and simply stated, the cells that God used to build you can now be used to rebuild you,” he explains. “Stem cells do three main things: they’re regenerative, they’re anti-inflammatory and they are immunomodulatory—that is, they modify the immune response or the functioning of the immune system. I believe that almost every disease has roots in inflammation, degeneration and immune dysfunction. Stem cells don’t treat the disease, but they read the language of the body and are intelligent enough to understand signals of where to go to find the damage and inflammation.”

Brunk notes that while people may get a stem cell therapy in the knee to relieve knee pain, or in the spine to help with back issues, stem cells can potentially seek out a lung issue or other problems within the body and go to those troubled areas first. “If your knees are bad but you’ve got a lung issue, the cells will probably go to the lung. The body is the author of that priority,” Brunk explains. “I can’t promise you it will work on what you want it to work on, but what I can tell you is that stem cells are programmed to repair, restore and rebuild. They are going to do that somewhere every time.”

The body has a natural abundance of stem cells, but as we age, the count declines, thus making us more prone to diseases and infection. “Our stem cell bank is depleting, but we’re not depositing into that stem cell bank, we’re taking out of it.,” he says.

Brunk is eager to share his own story and that of his mother. She had childhood polio and developed scoliosis. By her late 70s, she had degenerated to the point where she was bedridden. After several stem cell treatments last summer, by December she was enjoying her 80th surprise birthday party. “It also worked for my mom,” Brunk shares. “And being a man, if you help Mom, you’re in!”

Achieve Vitality Regenerative Wellness is located at 1606 Wynn Joyce Rd., in Garland. For more information, call 972-303-0683 or visit and get a complimentary eBook, Stem Cells Made Simple.