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Tips for Healthy Sustainable Lawns

Proper maintenance is one of the most important components to sustaining a beautiful and healthy, water efficient landscape. It is also important to remember to not only create, but manage a landscape that is within our maintenance capabilities:

  • Design for water efficiency using the landscape rule of thirds (one-third native turf, one-third native/adapted plants and shrubs, one-third hardscape) and remember the larger the lawn, the more mowing will be needed.

  • Employ efficient irrigation technologies to save water, time and money. Get an email or text to know when to water, when to wait by signing up at Use the cycle-soak method for watering. 

  • Don’t bag it! Mulch it! Use lawn clippings as mulch for increased water efficiency. 

  • Raise mower height during the summer months; avoid cutting more than one-third of the leaf blade at one time to conserve water and reduce plant stress. 

  • Mulch properly to save water and control weeds. Prune (remove dead plant material) and maintain the shapes of trees and shrubs as needed. For most deciduous trees, shrubs and grasses, prune back from February to March to encourage new growth.

For more information from and about the North Texas Municipal Water District, visit

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