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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Dallas-Area Dentists Offer Biological Dentistry Advancements

by Sheila Julson

The late comedian and actress Phyllis Diller once said, “A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.” While dentists are known for helping people achieve great smiles, more research over the past decade confirms that oral heath affects whole-body wellness. Four Dallas-area dentists specializing in biological dentistry share how they incorporate overall wellness into their practices and how they keep up on the latest research and techniques through organizations such as the International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine (IAOMT) and their own networking bases. 

When it comes to biological dentistry, Dr. Philip Kozlow and Dr. Josh Rowell, of Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry, emphasize the importance of using biocompatible, nonreactive materials. Kozlow has been practicing a biological model of dentistry for more than 25 years. “The materials we use are nonreactive, meaning that if you have any chemical sensitivities, allergies or environmental issues, these materials are nonreactive and have been thoroughly tested to verify biocompatibility,” Kozlow explains.

Rowell adds that biocompatibility is not just about placing material, but about removing materials, too. They use the safe mercury amalgam removal technique (SMART), developed by IAOMT, which includes biohazard-like precautions such as draping and protective barriers for the patient and staff; a mercury filtration system to capture vapors before they enter the patient; and removing the amalgam in one piece, versus grinding, which can emit toxins.

In addition to using biocompatible materials and practicing SMART amalgam removal, Kozlow & Rowell use nutritional supplements, ozone gas and ozone water, which kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites in the mouth that cause inflammatory issues. They try to avoid root canals and instead use techniques like ozone pulp therapy to save the tooth. They also focus on airways and offer anti-snoring devices.

The fact that dentists become trained and certified through organizations such as IAOMT shows a concern on their part for patients’ overall health and a commitment to do biological procedures in a consistent manner. “It’s important to have a guiding, scientific community giving evidence on biologic dentistry,” Kozlow emphasizes. 

They counsel patients searching for biological dentists to ask lots of questions. “Ask them what their protocol is for removing metals, what are their thoughts on fluoride, what materials are they using for filings—there are lot of questions that you can ask to get a feel if it is truly a holistic office or if a practice just says ‘holistic dentistry’ on the website,” Rowell advises.

“We look at the patient as more than just a set of teeth. We want to make sure that whatever we do for a patient, that it’s not only going to be beneficial for their teeth but for their body as a whole,” Kozlow concludes. 

Dr. Brock Lynn, of Lynn Dental Care, has specialty training in gum disease and dental implants. He’s spent most of his 40-year career treating periodontal disease and studying the connection between gum inflammation and systemic health. Ozone is his holistic weapon against bacteria and viruses; he uses ozone before, during and after procedures, and has ozonated water in the water lines at his clinic. He educates patients how to incorporate oral care beyond the clinic doors in ways such as vitamin supplementation and offering ozonated oil that patients can take home to apply to inflamed gums to make them healthier.  

“We’re very focused on peoples’ periodontal status during exams,” he emphasizes. “We’re doing everything we can to continually improve treatment methodologies and home care methods.” Lynn Dental Care is also mercury-free, in that he doesn’t use amalgam fillings, as well as mercury-safe, in that he uses SMART procedures to remove metal fillings. Their oral aerosol vacuum system, the DentAirVac, removes mercury particles from the patient rooms, as well as aerosols during treatment.

Lynn notes that affiliation with organizations such as IAMOT shows mindfulness of everything from oral systemics to periodontal status; the use of ozone; diagnosing and treating sleep apnea; and using best practices for mercury removal. “Dentists affiliated with groups such as IAOMT or American Academy for Oral Systemic Health show a dedication to continuing education and keeping up with integrative oral techniques.” 

Patients seeking whole body dental care should look for affiliations with organizations that focus on continuing education, as well dentists that use modalities such as ozone, platelet-rich fibrin, sleep apnea screening and periodontal health, Lynn says. “Everything we’re doing now is to keep patients’ immune systems healthy, especially in light of COVID-19,” he concludes. “From a health standpoint, immunity is key, so optimizing your periodontal health can boost your immune status.”

Dr. Jeff Davies, of Dallas Designer Smiles, specializes in biomimetic dentistry, a form of biological dentistry that’s about “doing more with less” and focuses on prevention; a similar philosophy to many types of practitioners in the holistic realm. Davies says he sees many patients at his biological dentistry practice for safe amalgam removal and alternatives to root canals. Because many of his patients have sensitivities to certain dental materials, he does extensive materials testing to help prevent allergic reactions that can affect other areas of the body. In addition, he recommends that patients get thermal imaging, a whole-body screening used in conjunction with dental care, from an outside office. The scan allows patients to see what’s going on in their bodies and the correlation between their mouths and their overall health. 

Davies appreciates the significance of organizations such as IAMOT because it’s a network for like-minded individuals. In addition, he also has his own Facebook group,, to connect with various practitioners on a more personal level to share ideas and professional opinions. “We talk about health overall through biological dentistry and discuss possible cavitations, and the right times to remove root canals or amalgam treatments,” Davies says. “This one-on-one personal connection that brings together homeopaths, nutritionists, chiropractors and medical doctors. It’s a great way to get everyone together.”

In searching for a biological dentist, Davies emphasizes it’s important for patients to find a dentist that fits their own core beliefs. “You have to look at how they view medicine. Getting a second or even third opinion is very important,” he advises. “Also, get more testing done, such as bloodwork or a thermogram, to see what’s going on in the body to help you make an informed decision about types of treatment.

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