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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Amp Up September with the Joy of Accomplishment

by Lametra Off

It’s September, and as we shed our summer “skin”, we also begin to set new goals for the last few months of the year. With January creeping around the corner, September is the best month to remember and scurry to complete New Year's resolutions. There are nine types of goals to achieve.

1. Professional (career) goals

These are usually work-related goals. For example, we schedule a project management course, a short-term education goal, in an effort to accomplish a professional goal—earning the PMP designation. Knowing our long-term goal allows us to clarify our short-term professional goals.

2. Personal goals

A personal goal relates to any of our interests. For examples, we decide our goal is to make someone happy every day. While making someone happy, we will feel useful and valuable, reducing any negativity that may come our way.

3. Spiritual goals

Spiritual goals are usually personal, related to values, purpose and personal mission. Create time to discover a value, purpose and personal mission statement.

4. Health/fitness goals

In many cases, health goals may entail decreasing high numbers such as cholesterol or blood pressure, for example. Fitness goals may include increasing steps walked, miles run or pull-ups completed. Challenges for the body are just as beneficial as challenges for the mind.

5. Social goals

Feeling, "I'm so awkward. I don't know what to do in social settings," is an indication of a desire or an opportunity to create social goals. Start off small. Small wins will increase confidence and beliefs about ourselves.

6. Mental goals

Mental goals are associated with intellectual concepts, mindfulness and intentionality. Mentally strong people are generally assertive, confident and present.

7. Emotional goals

Nowadays, emotional intelligence is one of the most requested leadership qualities. Consider emotional awareness, understanding, expression and control.

8. Financial goals

Saving money, paying off debt, creating wealth or creating a legacy for our family are financial goals. Financial goals are necessary for financial health, wellness and a stress-free life.

9. Relationship goals

Romantic relationships should have purpose and commitment. A romantic relationship also requires love, individuality, fun, kindness, teamwork and common goals.

We should not attempt to accomplish all of these types of goals at the same time. Every season has a certain focus. Concentrate on goals we want to joyfully accomplish in this season.

Lametra Off, MS, GCDF, CCSP, is a certified professional coach and life, career and transitions coach and owner of LBO Career Coaching & Consulting LLC. For more information, call 972-935-4311 or visit