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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


Healthy Recipe from Food Saved Me

Spicy Cranberry Orange Relish

Makes about 1½ cups 



½ c. fresh Cranberries

3 navel oranges

4 T. Turbinado sugar

1-2 chopped Jalapeno 

1 small Shallot

1 t. ground Coriander

½ t. ground Cumin



Zest one of the oranges and set aside the zest. With a knife, cut away the peel and pith from all oranges. Coarsely chop. Place the oranges and remaining ingredients in a food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped. Let sit at least an hour at room temperature before serving.

Happy Holidays Flavored Water

This is hydrating holiday beverage is not only pretty but also light in flavor & refreshing! Adding the optional ginger can help settle over-indulgent holiday tummies ☺



2-3 cinnamon sticks, whole

¼ cup fresh cranberries left whole

¼ cup fresh cranberries, roughly chopped or crushed to open

1 granny smith apple, cored & thinly sliced

1-2” piece of fresh ginger, peeled & sliced (optional)



Combine all ingredients in a half gallon jar; fill with water.  Cover & tilt gently to mix; let sit in the fridge overnight. Strain the flavored water into a serving pitcher.  Refill the half gallon jar one more time & let sit for the day or until guests arrive. Combine for a gallon of flavored water!

Cranberry Pecan Brussels Sprout Salad



5 cups Brussels Sprouts

1 cup cooked Quinoa

2 Broccoli Stalks

¾ cups Walnuts

1 cup dried Cranberries or Cherries

Arils of 1 Pomegranate (optional)



1 large Orange, zest & juice

1 Shallot

2 Tbsp Maple Syrup

2 Tbsp Vinegar

5 Walnuts

¼ tsp ground Cinnamon

Salt & Pepper to taste


Alternate Dressing:

2 cups fresh or frozen raspberries

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard or grain mustard

1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh herbs,

    such as thyme or rosemary (optional)

1 teaspoon maple syrup, or to taste

1/4 teaspoon salt, or to taste

1/4 teaspoon black pepper, or to taste


1. Thinly slice Brussels Sprouts. 

2. Toss greens with remaining salad ingredients. 

3. Process all dressing ingredients in a blender until completely smooth. 

4. Pour dressing over salad and mix until distributed evenly. 

Submitted by Katherine Lawrence-Ireland
Owner, Food Saved Me. For more information contact or 817.526.4811