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Holistic Pediatrician Deborah Bain Practices Integrative Care

Dec 30, 2020 09:30AM ● By Sheila Julson

Deborah Bain, M.D

After a decade of practicing pediatrics in the conventional medical realm, Deborah Bain, M.D., founder of Healthy Kids Pediatrics, endured many health challenges, including back and neck surgeries and stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis. Her treatment included standard chemotherapy and radiation, but she also brought a naturopath, a chiropractor and a holistic nutritionist onto her wellness team. Through nutrition and detoxification, her vigor was restored, and her eyes were opened to a new way of achieving wellness.

Bain knew that children could benefit from an integrative model, and in 2006, she opened Healthy Kids Pediatrics, one of the first integrative pediatrics practices in Texas. Bain focuses on nutrition deficiencies and the root causes of diseases. Since opening the practice, she has met many parents looking for choices other than pharmaceutical medications or invasive procedures. “Parents are seeking alternatives so they can raise healthier families,” she states. “Western medicine often utilizes pharmaceuticals or procedures. My unique approach to health care incorporates herbals, homeopathy and specialized diets, which gives parents more options for their children.”

As parents continue to seek integrative approaches not just for themselves, but also for their kids, they are willing to travel if they can’t find integrative treatment where they live. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bain has increased telemedicine appointments that her patients can use after they’ve had an initial in-person visit. “Telemedicine has been fabulous, I can help so many more people,” she enthuses.”

Bain emphasizes that remedies such as dietary changes, along with specialized lab testing, go beyond addressing symptoms through short-term fixes. Her integrative approach resolves underlying issues. She notes that today’s parents are becoming more proactive in their children’s care, especially if they have a family history of a particular disease.

“Specialized testing and screening for autoimmune disease and vitamin deficiencies can direct us toward changes to prevent symptoms from developing,” Bain explains. “If a patient has the genetics, along with the environmental triggers for a disease, I can identify those environmental triggers and the underlying vulnerability of the child. We can then teach that child healthy habits as they head toward adulthood. More parents realize they’re not just raising healthy children—they’re raising children to become healthy adults.”

Bain is certified through the Institute for Functional Medicine. Since 2015, she’s been a gluten-certified practitioner. That training expands her knowledge of utilizing gluten-free diets to achieve wellness. She is pursuing homeopathic certification through the Center for Education and Development of Homeopathy. Through continuing education, Bain becomes more specialized in her knowledge to help patients with issues that aren’t resolved through elimination diets, probiotics or supplements.

Bain believes advanced holistic training can advance the integrative field for practitioners that treat both adults and children. Fourteen years after opening her integrative pediatrics practice, she still sees a shortage of pediatricians specializing in holistic approaches, but is optimistic that will change.

“There’s a growing number of pediatric-trained holistic doctors,” she observes. “I’ve helped train holistic doctors, and that number is expanding because holistic practices are driven by the industry. I feel that conventional pediatric practices overall are ignorant to holistic desires of the parents and can’t speak their language when discussing options like elderberry or vitamin D. Those practices are not going to be sought after by parents that want more choices than antibiotics or pharmaceuticals. Those parents want to go to a practice that is open-minded to holistic care.”

Healthy Kids Pediatrics is located at 4851 Legacy Dr., Ste. 301, in Frisco. For more information, call 972-294-0808 or visit
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