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Going Through the Void as the Brain Changes

Mar 31, 2021 08:30AM ● By Debra Rossi
Throughout the past year we have all been impacted with change in our lives. We’ve entered into a new world with a new set of rules. Sometimes we find ourselves feeling restless, agitated, living in this unknown state or void. Change is hard for most. We’re not taught how to pivot, move forward and get unstuck. How we crave for a sense of normalcy, clinging tightly to the past. But we can exhale and get beyond our comfort zone by choosing to believe in ourselves. Often, that’s all it takes to get started on a new pathway.

Our thoughts create our lives. We have a brain that can start fresh every morning. It can change, grow constantly, and rewire itself with the input we give it. We’ve been conditioned to believe that the brain is unchangeable after its growth period. Neuroscientists have proven that the brain changes constantly and we can get beyond the conditioning of the past. As we change from within, our outer world changes. Research has shown that 90 percent of our thoughts are the same as the day before. If we’re living life in autopilot, the same emotions influence the same thoughts and everything stays the same. In the void, the new has not yet occurred and the old hasn’t left; they coexist. This can be a pivotal turning point to get out of autopilot and live life with mindful awareness.

This phase of not knowing is the perfect time to connect more deeply with our feelings. We can ask deep questions such as, “Who am I?” and, “What would I love to do with my life?” A common theme for life with everyone is wanting to feel good and feel loved. Observing our thoughts by journaling or meditating a few minutes each day helps us understand our needs and brings clarity. Going through the void is an opportunity to consciously make new choices that are healthy for our whole being. As we grow from the inside-out, we feel empowered.

Find safety within and the world feels safe. It begins by facing our fears—the unknown, unworthiness, depression, sadness, anger, shame or addiction. It might sound scary, but in doing so, we ultimately step into a new growth zone and uncover more of our authentic self. As we begin to let go of the inner sludge of stuck emotions, we can set new intentions, like something to accomplish or how to grow and evolve. These intentions will help let go of negative thinking and focus on having healthy mental pathways in our brain.

Don’t fear the void, but embrace it. It provides us with new awareness and an opportunity to create thoughts, behaviors and attitudes that will help us do better in every area of life. Remember, repetitive thoughts rewire the brain. Thoughts are energy, what we think about is our choice. Choose wisely.

Debra Rossi is a certified Life Coach and member of the International Coaching Federation. For more information visit