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Your Homeopathic Summertime First Aid Sampler

May 28, 2021 08:30AM ● By Cathy May Lemmon

Cathy May Lemmon

It is important to understand that there is not just one single homeopathic medicine remedy for an issue; each one has myriad issues for which it can be very helpful. Homeopathy is inherently safe and works on an energetic level. It is impossible to overdose on properly-made homeopathic medicine because the body will take whatever energies it may recognize and need and let the rest pass on through.

The most commonly-seen homeopathic medicines are the little white pellets. These are literally sugar pills which are coated with the homeopathically-prepared substance. This is why they all look the same—what we see is just a means to an end. This is why those receiving these remedies will respond differently to different homeopathic medicines in any sort of trial.

There is no placebo effect when it comes to properly made homeopathic medicines. They work on infants, on plants and animals. For general use, the ideal potency of homeopathic medicines to have on hand is simply the 30C, with one exception.

Dosing of homeopathic remedies is not as directed on the over-the-counter packaging, which will specify an indicated use, dosing amount and expiration date. Homeopathic medicine—energetic medicine—does not work this way. What we need is to have the healing energy introduced to the body. When the body recognizes the energy and it is something it needs, it will subsequently heal itself and the remedy will have done its job.

Assess how the issue looks after the first dose and how the person is feeling. That is when we will know if another dose is needed. Often this will be the case for acute, emergency cases that can occur the during the summer, such as bumps, cuts, burns and insect bites. More is not necessarily better. Listen to what the body is saying.

As we prepare for summer, here is a small sampling of homeopathic medicines to have on hand for many of the more commonly occurring situations.

1 – Arnica Montana 30C (and possibly 200C): This remedy is known as the “doubter’s remedy” because of how well it works for swelling and bruising.  Do not think of it as a painkiller—just be assured that the mind presents the sensation of pain when something needs to be fixed. As this “something” is being repaired, the sensation of pain will diminish.  This remedy is good for bumps and bruises that can happen every day. This is also great for sprains and strains. The 200C potency of this can be very good for a more major bump or bruise.

2 – Apis Mellifica 30C: Made from the venom of a honeybee, this is a fantastic remedy for mosquito bites, bee stings, etc. (be vigilant to possible allergic reactions to bee stings, which requires an entirely different approach and possibly emergency medical attention).

3 – Cantharis 30: Great for sunburn help, especially if these cover a large area and blisters are present.

4 – Rhus-Tox 30C: For exposure to poison oak/ivy, Also good for strained muscles or back or even a twisted ankle.

5 – Carb-V 30C: For overexertion and when we feel exhausted after being in the hot sun for a while.  Great to help if we feel possible heat stroke symptoms.

Be assured there are many other homeopathic remedies that can help through the summer. Every homeopathic remedy has many more uses. This list includes recommended uses, but there is no guarantee they will work.

Cathy May Lemmon BA, LCPH, MARH, RS Hom (NA), CHP, is a homeopath, not a medical doctor. Find courses at