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Tips for Travelling Mindfully

May 28, 2021 08:30AM ● By Chris Finley
The last year and a half have been like no other. Travel plans were abruptly canceled and opportunities to make memories lost. With a better understanding of COVID-19 and increased vaccinations across populations, many look forward to traveling again. Here is a list of the top three destinations for ecotourism.

Costa Rica: Costa Rica has been synonymous with ecotourism for years, with good reason. The country is covered with lush forests, green mountains, sunny beaches, clear water and beautiful people. Tourism is a strong economic driver for the country, yet Costa Rican businesses, government and people take pride in conserving their land and natural resources.

Norway: Norway’s remote location and strict government stance on environmental policies has earned it the right to be on this list. Activities range from viewing the famous Norwegian fjords to river rafting, dog sledding, caving, checking out local wildlife, hiking and much more.

Kenya: A staple of tourism in Africa, Kenya is known for lions, elephants and wide-open savannas. There are also mountains, a beautiful coast full of things to do, rain forests and the indigenous Maasai community.

While these are often recognized as the top three destinations for ecotourism, don’t forget others such as Peru, South Africa and America. Please remember these sustainable travel tips to help get through each trip:

Timing is everything. Whether flying or driving, most notably driving, avoid peak times. Get to know the route in advance. For larger markets in the U.S., use travel apps or websites like Waze and Google Maps to avoid bottlenecks. No one likes sitting in traffic, plus the emissions produced from the perpetual stop-and-go are higher than cruising at a steady pace.
Travel light. Pack what is absolutely needed. Ask, “Do I really need three pairs of shoes for each day?” Almost every time, the answer is no. Traveling light is more efficient and makes it easier to get around. Less is more.

Go sustainable. Select sustainable locations and activities. Going to Disney World, in Orlando, sounds like a blast, but expect crowds and long lines. It’s not the most sustainable activity. Instead, check out a nearby park or campground. Do a nature walk with a local guide. Pick an eco-resort, hotel or Airbnb host that is committed to sustainability and green tourism.

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