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Natural Awakenings Dallas -Fort Worth Metroplex Edition


A Different Kind of Cowboys Touchdown

Legends at AT&T Stadium and the Paul Quinn College WE Over Me Farm have partnered to produce Plant-Based Touchdown, a new culinary campaign inspiring Dallas Cowboy fans to incorporate more plants into their diet to counter diabetes and heart disease, hypertension and other chronic illnesses.

Using WE Over Me organic produce grown on the Paul Quinn campus, new plant-based culinary creations developed by Legends Hospitality will be available at concessions on Dallas Cowboys game days during the current NFL season. The healthful, flavorful vegetarian recipes will also be shared with the fans at home. 

New plant-based menu items include Awesome Plant-Based Burger, Buffalo Chick’n Nachos, Touchdown Tots, Plant-Based Chicken Avocado Wrap and Plant-Based Chopped Chicken Salad. Plant Based Touchdown recipes that include plant-based chicken and beef proteins as key ingredients include Cheesesteak Vegan Sandwich, Plant-Based Buffalo Mini-Sliders, Avocado Plant-Based Chicken Wrap, Roasted Squash, Walnut and Kale Salad, Plant-Based Chicken Chopped Salad and Plant-Based Chicken & Bean Scampi Salad.


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