No Better Time Than Now to Go Solar

Generating electrical power from the sun, our nearest star, is no longer a futuristic dream, but instead a nuts-and-bolts proposition to fit into our household budget. Tax incentives are helping to jumpstart the transition from polluting, climate-warming fossil fuels, but the course ahead seems inevitable. Natural Awakenings asked some key local players for their views and advice.


Andrew Whitehead, of Axium Solar, Inc., notes, “The ‘SolarCoaster” has lots of twists and turns, so identifying the right partner for your home or commercial solar project makes all the difference. Do Your Homework. You don’t have to be a solar expert, but the company you hire to install solar on your home or business should be.”


Sam Little, of EcoVantage Energy, Inc., states, “ One of the most important things to consider about solar energy is that the you are buying a lifetime (25 years +) of energy for the price of five to seven years of energy bills. It may seem pricy, but it will save you more money than it costs.”


Craig Thrush, of Kosmos Solar, explains, “The most important part is making sure that a system meets your needs and is made for your climate. There are a lot of great panels out there, but equipment designed to work well in moderate climates don’t necessarily function as well in a desert climate as we have here in Texas. Most panels are designed to protect against short periods of high direct heat, but prolonged heat and reradiation can wear them down. Locally sourced panels are made to perform the local climate and have the added advantage that anything locally sourced reduces the carbon footprint even more.”


Tyler Pence, of NOVOS Energy, LLC, advises, “What people should be aware of if they have interest in solar is that now is the best balance of incentives (last year of 30 percent) and low material costs. They need to consider that they are locking in kWh rates for 25+ years when they buy this asset. This investment typically outperforms any other options out there right now (stocks, bonds) and is very stable.”


Karla Neeley, of Sunfinity Renewable Energy, says, “Solar technology continues to advance, with many innovative new uses. For instance, we’re building car canopies topped with solar panels for El Dorado’s dealership in McKinney. They will power the dealership and protect the cars. If you haven’t looked at solar or looked at solar lately, you have nothing to lose. Just keep in mind solar should be customized to your situation. The system your neighbor has may not work for you. Sunfinity will look at your home/office layout and your electric bills, and show you the best options, all at no cost.”


Sherren Harter, of Sunpower By Freedom Solar, shares, “With lots of sunlight, friendly state policies, local rebates and the 30 percent federal tax credit through 2019 only, going solar in Texas makes financial sense, in addition to helping the environment. Get top-of-the-line solar technology for less than $1 per day—now is the time!”


Sunfinity Renewable Energy, 972-905-9136,

NOVOS Energy, LLC, 972-849-6703,

Kosmos Solar, 214-587-2284,

Axium Solar, Inc., 972-633-8680,

EcoVantage Energy Inc., 817-200-6111,

Sunpower By Freedom Solar, 877-423-4587,


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