New Membership-Based Health Care Plan for North Texans

A new healthcare option for the Metroplex, the Concierge Wellness Program, from the Family and Business Alliance Group (FABA), is less expensive, lowers out-of-pocket contributions and is a more benefit-rich option than traditional health insurance. More people are moving to healthcare sharing plans, and more healthcare providers are moving to membership-based care. In addition, businesses are considering adopting this model as an option for employees to cut healthcare costs by 50 percent or more.

This program helps with large and small medical needs and wellness, many times with no out-of-pocket cost or low, discounted prices that may be less than traditional deductibles. Coverage includes both traditional and non-traditional providers such as holistic and integrative professionals at savings up to 50 percent. Using member healthcare providers, plan users can access the services of high-quality health professionals without high monthly premiums, paperwork limitations and preapprovals.

For more information, call Monthy Suther at 972-695-4277 or email



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