Ronit Mor is a Visionary Naturopath

Ronit Mor

Ronit Mor is the founder of My Wellbeing Compass and Mor Wellness Concepts. As a naturopath, her greatest passion is inspiring, empowering and coaching people on their path to regaining optimal vitality and well-being. She is a local and an international speaker who regularly contributes to different publications.

Mor has just launched My Wellbeing Compass, a unique website that offers a powerful, intuitive, practical, science-based navigational platform aimed at empowering people to take control and take action to declutter and rewrite their health story. It provides cutting-edge knowledge, practical tools and resources, as well as access to top-notch professionals related to natural health, self-discovery and self-growth, enabling visitors to fundamentally restore their vitality.

Mor states, “As a holistic practitioner, my greatest passion is inspiring, empowering and coaching people on their path to regaining optimal health and vitality. Our body is truly a masterpiece! It is designed to heal itself and maintain inner balance, all on its own. However, if we do not provide it with the essential elements it needs on an ongoing basis, the chances are we will be experiencing low energy levels and any number of diseases. Health is not just the absence of disease, it is actively and continuously optimizing well-being. When my clients move from simply halting dysfunction to proactively optimizing well-being, this is when feeling and looking more radiant, vibrant and ageless begins.”

Mor offers personal wellness consultations and group workshops, providing a safe way for clients to explore and benefit from natural health. Her approach is holistic in nature and takes into account the four fundamental layers of our being - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. She helps them identify and remove obstacles that interfere with natural healing, as well as facilitating and augmenting their body’s inherent self-healing process.

Clients seeking her out for health and wellness are interested in increasing energy and vitality, improving chronic conditions, shedding excess weight and slowing down or reversing aging indications. She guides them on matters pertaining to nutrition, detoxification, plant medicine, stress management and a variety of alternative healing modalities. She also regularly collaborates with local medical physicians, functional dentists and chiropractors to provide a comprehensive integrative approach.

In addition to health coaching, her center offers the latest in natural, non-invasive anti-aging skin therapy, as well as therapeutic body work such as Swedish and deep tissue massage, polarity therapy, acupressure, cupping, therapeutic aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, life coaching and energy works such as reiki.

“I deliver a breadth of experience, level of service and affordability found nowhere else in town,” says Mor. “It is my honor to be a catalyst for healthful change, empowering and motivating my clients to assume responsibility and embark on a life transformative journey, for it is ultimately they who create and accomplish healing. I actively partner with them on this journey, helping them understand the connection between their choices and their overall health, teaching them natural ways to promote wellness and longevity, as well as coaching them as they gradually assume ownership over their own well-being.”

Mor Wellness Concepts is located at 17480 Dallas Pkwy., Ste. 110, in North Dallas. For appointments, call 214-612-6776. For more information, visit or


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