How to Choose a Pilates Instructor

Cris Stone

There are many different styles of Pilates and instructors with extremely varied experience and styles. The most important step in choosing and instructor is to ask them about their training and whether they have experience that matches our specific needs. Instructors also want to be paired with clients that can really benefit from their experience, and they will be happy to refer students  to someone else.

Some people are looking for a hard workout and to “feel the burn”. Others may have recently rehabilitated an injury through physical therapy and are ready to start exercising slowly and carefully. Senior citizens might want to build muscle tone in a safe environment, while an elite athlete wants enhance their specific skill.

There is an instructor out there that will be just right. That is the great thing about Pilates; it really is for every body. Wherever we are in our fitness journey, Pilates can help. The DFW area has a wealth of amazing instructors, and finding the right one might lead to a lifelong relationship.

To find a local certified instructor, visit

Cris Stone is a PMA certified Pilates teacher in Rockwall. For more information, visit

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